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Everything is moving online now, and this transition certainly comes with a lot of benefits that at times feel too good to be true. Online retailing is gaining huge popularity each passing day, and it is becoming a great platform for both sellers and buyers. There are too many perks of online shopping, you don’t only get to shop things right from the comfort of your home but also get to discover some really amazing options at discounted prices. It’s not just fashion articles and decor stuff that are being sold online, but essentials like mattresses have also found their place in online retailing, and several mattress companies have been moving their business online.

Given the importance of having a good mattress, it’s imperative to find a place that is known for offering the best kinds of mattresses on the market. Mattresses aren’t something that is cheap to buy, they can be quite expensive, but that really shouldn’t be a problem as investing in the right mattress would also solve some of your major issues like back pain, having trouble sleeping, etc. If you have been meaning to invest in a mattress and seeking some options, we know of just the right place from where you can buy the mattress of your dreams. Nolah Mattress is a popular mattress brand that focuses on selling mattresses online.


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Nolah Mattress is a US-based company that mainly focuses on selling mattresses along with a variety of other products, including bedding, bases, etc. The company considers itself technology-driven, and it uses the latest technology in order to come up with superior mattresses that address all your needs and requirements. The company uses Nolah AirFoam instead of memory foam in their mattresses that ensure a better sleeping experience for all types of sleepers. All their mattresses are designed to be universally comfortable that provides extra pressure relief on hips and shoulders. Now without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the products you can purchase at



Mattresses are the company’s main products. You can find four different kinds of mattresses on the website that slightly differ in their features and prizes. Depending on your needs and requirements you can look for a mattress that feels the most suitable option for you. Each mattress comes with different features and offers different comfort. The common thing among all the mattresses is that they all use all-foam construction. Nolah Original 10 and Nolah Signature 12 are two of the company’s main mattresses, but you can also purchase them in the premium limited edition that somewhat offers the same kind of experience and differ in price.

Limited Edition 10- It is a limited edition of Nolah Original 10 mattress, but the only difference between the two is that Limited Edition 10 features a new snow-white tencel cover, and of course, reduced price.
Limited Edition 12- It is a limited edition of Nolah Signature 12 mattress, and much like Limited Edition 10, it also differs in pricing and the newly introduced snow-white tencel cover.

Nolah Original 10- Nolah Original 10 was the company’s first-ever mattress that gave the company all the fame. It is the most trusted and popular mattress offered on the website that provides medium firmness. This mattress is an excellent option for side sleepers as it provides pressure relief on hips and shoulders.

Nolah Signature 12- It is the most expensive mattress offered by the company. No matter if you are a side, back or stomach sleeper, this mattress would make for a great investment. The mattress provides more comfort than a memory foam mattress.



If you have been looking to invest in a base, Nolah Mattress has got that too in quite an affordable price range. There are two types of bases to choose from- adjustable base and adjustable base with massage. They are made using premium materials that fit the nolah mattresses perfectly. You can also adjust the base according to your needs by elevating its head or feet.



You can also purchase some bedding stuff from the website. It features quite an amazing collection of bedding items, including Nolah AirFoam and AirFiber pillow, organic cotton sheets, and organic cotton and bamboo jersey mattress protector.


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