Setup a Perfect Home Bar using these stylish tips

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Have a stylish and trendy bar for your home by following these necessary steps-

How to choose the perfect bar?

When an idea pops in your mind to set up a bar for your sweet home, these are some of the things you should consider while choosing it-

1. Take an estimate of your space- The first step before you take things any further would be taking measurements of the space where you will set up your bar from corner to corner. This thing will assure you about which bar would fit in your space and which won’t.

2. Consider the functionality of the bar- The next step should be to see whether you are a person who hosts large parties or just like to have a small get together for a few of your friends. If you are the former one, consider having two identical bars to have extra storage and seating.

3. Reflect your Style- If you want to go for a traditional kind of a thing, placing a natural wood bar would suit your style. But if you want a modern chic look, go for a bold color like black and sleeker, metallic silhouettes.

Some Decor Tips

Keep these tips in your mind while styling your home bar.

1. Reflect your Personality- Your bar should be designed in such a way that it reflects a personal touch of your style and personality. You can do it by placing accent trays or dishes of your favorite color. A nostalgic figurine or a humorous plaque would also just look fine.

2. Decorate the walls- You may neglect the walls while styling your bar, but they can enhance the whole look of it for sure. Make it lively with some kind of wall art such as some paintings or photographs or a collage.

3. Don’t forget the floor- Again, a thing that probably won’t come up on your mind. Spruce up your bar space by placing an area rug. Try to contrast with your floor design and color like have a rug in black or navy blue if your bar is in natural wood or any other right color.

4. Lighten it up- Make sure your place is well lit as, without perfect lighting, even the most stylish place would look dull. Create a welcoming ambiance by placing a couple of floor lamps or a stunning chandelier.

Choose the Perfect Bar Cart

Booze up your parties and style them effortlessly by having the finest bar cart for your bar space.

1. Consider where you will place it- Take note of the dimensions of your place to foresee where you will place your bar cart when not in use.

2. Watch out for storage space- Make a note of all the things you need to place in your bar cart. It could be anything from bottles to glassware to dishes. Choose your bar cart accordingly that would have enough cabinet space for your products that need to be stored.

3. Decide on the look- If you want your bar cart to blend in with the whole look, then choose a cart that would fit right in with style. But if you want to look it out of place and have a pop of style, go with a steel metal finish with mostly wood furniture in the background.

Different Styles of Bar Cart

Here are some refreshing decor tips to have a stylish bar cart-

1. Glassware- Make it look simple yet elegant. Accent the counter space of your bar cart with some nice glass pieces such as mini bowl or tray.

2. Add some life to it- Refresh the whole look effortlessly by place a single rose that would make it look lively and energized.

3. Be colorful- Play with colors by throwing in some bright candies or dried fruits into the main aesthetic of bottles and glassware.

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