Selecting curtains for a french door

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A french door is a great choice when it comes to selecting a door for your place. They are easy to access and have many windows to provide natural light into the room. You can place these doors in the living room where you can avail of a lot of natural light or you can even install them instead of windows in your family room to make it more airy and bright and to make the room stylish and unique. This swap from windows to french door looks stunning and makes the room look pretty providing the room with natural light and fresh air. But it can be a bit too much considering the lack of privacy due to these doors.

You can put curtains on these doors so that you can get some privacy and can block the view of people from the windows present in these doors.

  1. Add some colors to the place

You can select some colorful curtains or some plain ones that match the theme of the room and get them installed in the room. This way you can provide a barrier to the light and cover the glass portion of the door and can add some new elements into the room. They provide new colors and make the place look complete. You should always get some curtains in those colors that go well with your decor and the color palette you are going in the particular room.

  1. Get some ceiling to floor curtains

If you want to go trendy and chic and make the room feel lavish, you can choose some ceiling-to-floor curtains. These french doors can be decorated with some windows over them so that the whole wall from the ceiling to the floor is covered with either windows or doors. This will create an illusion and make the room feel airy and spacious but can be a bit on the privacy. To get some privacy you can select some long curtains that can cover the windows over the door and the door too.

  1. Choose shades instead of curtains

If you want to have some change from the regular curtains or if you want to have something new in the room then you can get some blinds instead of the traditional curtains. You can install some shades over the door that can cover the glass area of the french door. You can use some blinds of some natural shades to match the interior of the room. This is a good alternative in the rooms where you do not have much space for curtains. These shades elevate the look of the room.

  1. Add textures and prints in the room

When you are selecting curtains for the room that are going to be over the stunning french doors try to get some that can make the room feel richer and cozier. This can be done by introducing some fabrics and textures into the room. If the room you want to put the curtains are is a bit chilly or get a large amount of light then you can get some curtains made of thick material.

  1. Leaving a few inches

It is a new way to make the room look better and to make it feel cozy and comfortable. You can leave some inches off of the curtain that can touch the floor. This can create a pretty look in the room. You can tuck the curtain or can place them on one side of the door. This leaving a few inches so that the curtains touch the floor is a french fashion and can make your room look like a parisian room in any corner of the world.


These are some of the ways you can select and decorate curtains on a french door. You can be creative and look for some of these curtains and ideas and can create something new. You can decorate these doors with some beautiful curtains and can make the room look beautiful. These curtains are not only used to block the sun’s rays or to create some privacy but to also make the room look good. The curtains add new colors and textures to the room. Swap and install some french doors and decorate them with good curtains.

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