Quick Makeover Ideas for your Bathroom

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How much effort do we all put to make our house look the most beautiful one! We look for home decor ideas and leave no stone unturned in adding decorative items in our homes. Such decor ideas create transition and make our house look even more aesthetic. There are a lot of options on how one can add different kinds of stuff from ceiling to floor for the perfect decor. But most of us forget that the bathroom is also a part of our homely aesthetics and it is a must to add a personal touch to that area too. The bathroom is no longer an area for your natural calls alone. It has the potential to make a good first impression and so, you must rush through your thoughts and execute ideas to add vibrancy to your home.

Here we have some of the best bathroom decor ideas that are so quick and easy; that you can do it yourself too!

Vibrant wall paint

The first thing we look at when we enter any place is the walls. Why go for boring white walls when you have so many colors to choose from? Getting your walls done is the first thing you need to do for a makeover. Paint them in the most vibrant colors that you can think of. Select whatever shade you like-as bright or as neutral as you want. Colors have the potential to influence our mind like nothing else. And this doesn’t stop with the walls. You can paint the cabinets too. This contrast of color emits very positive vibes and so, you will love going to the bathroom again and again.

Fancy Lighting

Why choose fancy lighting for your living area alone? There is no thumb rule to add fancy fixtures to your living area or dining area alone. The lighting of any house casts a very positive and fresh vibe to the surroundings. With the right lighting, you can impress anyone who visits your home. There is so much variety in this category that you’ll get tired selecting but the list won’t end. Look for pendant light hangings or track lights to create illumination in your bathroom. Subtle lights will do the charm here and instantly level up anyone’s mood who goes to the bathroom.

Commendable Artwork

Artwork in abstract and dramatic form is always attractive. There is this unique vibe within it that you can’t just resist looking at. Adding a piece of art of any renowned artist or something of your own is a great trick to give a makeover to your bathroom. Look for canvas art in oversized frames or you can even go for a gallery wall art with multiple pictures of your favorite things. A wall full of frames will look so damn attractive in the bathroom. Of course, you don’t have to put up your own pictures there. Just some nice artwork will be enough to impress everyone!

Open Shelving

Gone are the days when everything was supposed to be inside the cabinet. Now everything is partly displayed openly on the shelves because it adds aesthetic to your house. Be it a kitchen or bathroom, you must add a corner of open shelving and display your fancy items there. This one looks very beautiful if you use a wooden base as a level top and place things on it. You can even look for a nice ceramic vase and add fresh flowers to it. A sense of personal touch should not be limited to the living area or bedroom alone. You must give your bathroom a piece of your creative mind and have the perfect makeover for it!

Accessories- Never miss out on them!

Accessories in any category show that you made an effort in styling. Be it your clothing, your home decor or your bathroom- accessories should never be forgotten!

  • Look for fancy wastebaskets to be placed in one corner for your dirty clothes. Instead of using a regular bin, look for something made of cane.
  • Another thing is to add a soap dish and dispenser in fancy designs that will match the theme of your bathroom. A floral design will look very charming and ace the look of your sink platform.
  • Place lush green plants on the tabletop and add natural elements for the perfect makeover! Scented candles and fragrances are other options for an exquisite vibe!

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