Playful Ideas to hang your gorgeous photos

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Displaying artwork as well as your personal photos on the wall is a great idea to create an aesthetically driven house. This way you are able to tap your creative side whilst decorating your space too. If you are hunting for some creative ideas to hang your photos, then we have listed the best ones to aid this idea of yours. Check them out-

Use accented shelves

The most common and convenient way to place your pictures is by using shelves and that too accented. This is the best way to place your pictures in chronological order. Although this one is a traditional design, still it has a lot of appeals. With this style, you are able to save a lot of space because all your pictures remain in one creative corner. It is preferred even today by planting the shelves in one corner to place your pictures aesthetically there. Or you can also install the shelves in a diagonal manner for showing off creative aesthetics. This way you are able to save on a lot of space and can also place antique items along with the pictures. Paint these shelves in colors so that they look appealing from a distance. With a dash of color, everything looks even more attractive. Therefore, you should always pay attention to such details. Place this shelving on the gallery wall or in your living room.

Leave some photos unframed

This is more of a creative yet rustic way to place your pictures on the wall. If you are thinking of adding a raw look to your space, then this is the perfect choice to do so. There are literally so many options of hanging your pictures but we love this one the most. Hanging some of your pictures without proper framing actually gives a very vintage and raw look to your space. It shows creativity because these peeling edges look like they have been picked from a flea market. Frameless pictures have their own charm, so if you have some vacation pictures that are waiting to be hanged, then use this method for the ultimate looks. Leaving such memories without a frame is totally cool and looks even more aesthetic when placed in your main area.

Use Fairy Lights

This might look like a not-so-common idea but it has been a great pick of all time. The reason why we have chosen this one is that with the use of lights and a little bling here and there always looks charming. This kind of creative look is something that will never go out of style. It is truly timeless but at the same time, it looks extraordinarily pretty. if you are thinking of adding a chic vibe to your place using your gorgeous pictures, then fairy lights would be your ultimate rescue. Go for fancy fairy lights in bright colors like pink, blue, green or multicolor and hang them either horizontally or free-falling. Clip pictures to these lights and you are done. This is a preferred display for your bedroom mainly.

Pick the Stairway wall

Why should you leave the stairway wall blank when you know that it is the most useful space in the entire house? When we say useful, it actually means that this wall is the most looked out on in the entire house. We all pass through the staircase and gaze at this empty wall. This is nearly the most looked wall so it should not remain blank. Grouping together a set of pictures on the entire staircase wall is imperative because it looks very creative and is also a part of DIY looks. If you are looking forward to filling this wall with pictures, then it is recommended to paint it with a bright color first and then hang pictures in a creative manner. Amp up your stairs by grouping together a variety of artwork, family photos, and even kids’ drawings.

Let them look like a puzzle

Lastly, this kind of look has been inspired by restaurants and cool cafes. At least one wall in these cute cafes is always dedicated to pictures and that too, in an asymmetrical manner. The kind of aesthetics this wall portrays cannot be matched with anything else. Different sizes of frames are used for decorating your wall like a puzzle. Mix and match them together to show like you have pout together uneven pieces together to create one big frame. This mix and match of different sizes, prints as well as patterned frames will look extraordinary and will add to the overall vibe of the room. Use any colored frames and even printed frames together to give your wall a playful look.

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