Pillow ensembles for a quirky vibe in the house

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One of the best ways to add life to your living room couch, sofa sets as well as the bed is to throw some pillows on them. These pillows are by far, the best accessory one can have for their house because there is such a wide range in this accessory. From different shapes and colors to styles and patterns, one can pick possibly all kinds of pillows and make their space a quirky one effortlessly. Here are some of the ways in which you can arrange your pillows and decorate your house.

Pick playful shapes

The best way to add a quirky vibe to your space is to pick random shaped in pillows and place them on your couch, on the floor, and in the corners as well. These pillow shapes are available in plenty of designs and colors that you can pick for your home decor without any boundaries. There is no limit to the size, shape, and color of the pillows you pick. Of course, one should plan the overall theme but a little mix and match in colors here and there doesn’t matter. In fact, it looks vibrant and thus, adds to the overall style. Ditch the mainstream square and rectangular shapes and go for geometric designs along with stars and hearts as well.

Stuff the corners

A great way to arrange your pillows is to place them in the corner of your bed as well as your sofa. This corner stuffed with pillows is definitely one of the best ways to add life to your mainstream area. Pillows are master in upgrading the look of your house. All you have to do is pick colorful pillows and stuff them in one corner. This can be done on your sectional sofas or corner sofas. Throw pillows are concentrated solely towards the corner so that it attracts the most attention. It looks welcoming and also adds a touch of warmth to the couch. You can sip your coffee here and feel cozy. This way you are able to portray a clean and neat look of the couch and also showcase a designer ambiance.

Multiple layers of pillows

Multiple layering of pillows is another interesting way to arrange your pillows in a quirky way. All you can do is pick something classic in pillows and then place them together in multiple layers for a stylish look. In this trick, you need to pick different sizes of pillows from medium to small and then place them together to create an ascending look. Any pattern like animal print, florals or embroidery can be picked in vivid colors. Mix and match the small and big size of pillows together and create an everlasting ensemble. If you’re not sure about the idea of different sizes of pillows placed together, then try placing different patterns together first and see how it works out.

Alternate designs

Place different designs of pillows together in alternative patterns. This concept of alternate designs is definitely one of the most convenient ways to style your pillows. It looks easy and also adds a vibrant look to your space with minimal efforts. Pick two different styles and patterns in pillows and place them alternatively on the couch. This alternate design in pillows will turn out to be coordinated and stylish, much more than you thought of. Don’t overstuff the sectional or corner sofa with too many throw pillows otherwise the design will fall out of place. You want it to look sophisticated and poise and not too much in the face.

Experiment with Bold colors

Bold and bright colors are one of the best ways to make your space look stylish and playful. There are literally so many colors in the world and all you have to do is pick some pillows out of them. Bold colors are actually very pleasing visually and add lots of character into the room. That is why we have preferred picking them in bold tones rather than neutral tones. If you have a soft colored sofa arrangement, then go with bold throw pillows to create a contrast motif. These bold colors can range from electric blue, greens, pinks, yellow tones and rust. Try creating a contrast every time you are confused about the color spectrum.

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