Pendant Lighting Ideas to enlighten your home

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Lighting is one of the most catchy things that make your space look inviting and lively. You can have world-class furniture but still can’t complete the look you need to give to your space without perfect lighting. Pendant lights have been trending these days and there is just not only a single put to put them up. You can design them according to the different areas of your house. You can also team them up with the traditional design elements to get better results.

Here are some ideas which you could use while trying to illuminate your house-

Mini Pendant and Multi-Light Pendant Lighting

This can be one of the coolest ideas when thinking to brighten up your dining room. You can group three or more light pendants as one will not be sufficient to lighten up the area. You can have each pendant cut according to its desired length which can act as a customized kind of a chandelier for you. You can mix and match pendants of various sizes, shapes, and colors.

Drum Pendant Lighting

A true contemporary to a Traditional Chandelier! Drum pendants are popular these days when designing your living room or your dining area. They come in different sizes, materials to give people a good amount of options when choosing one. They can be made from laser-cut metal, frosted glass or pleated fabric. To minimize glare they are often finished with a bottom diffuser. It generally occupies the center space of the area but you can have a combination of them too.

You can add a mix and match of medium and large Pendant Lighting or can just a linear suspension model when thinking of installing a pendant lighting in your house.

If you are artistic and want to give a personal touch to your pendant lights, there are listed some DIY ideas below which you can go for

Branch Pendant Light

This is kind of a DIY idea that is naturally inspired. It is very simple to create and you need not spend much on it. You can create different versions by customizing and improvising it. It looks simple yet classy at the same time.

Stainless Steel Pendant Lights

This type of pendant light can look best above your breakfast bar. These can be made from modified silverware caddies. All you need to do is to attach the hardware, wires and the cord. Isn’t it really easy to make one! You can also paint them to make them look more colorful.

Tin Can and Drum pendant light

These can probably be used in your kitchen or your outdoor area. Some colors and a pendant light kit is all you need to create one. This is a perfect choice to use your tin cans and turn them into lovely drum pendants with a bit of paint.Your drum kit gathering dust and be lying at a corner in your house, then why not use it for a nice purpose! It can be perfect for a teen bedroom.

Cardboard Pendant Lights

Here is another innovative way to make use of your old cardboards! You can pair up the cardboards in different styles to create customized pendant lights. They could be perfect for outdoor lighting or to brighten up your room. You can also Throw up some paint colors to make them look more lively.Analyze the texture and theme of your place to give your house the illuminating look it needs.

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