Paint Colors That Will Fake A Small Space Into Feeling Bigger

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It is no secret that the color of the room creates a huge impact on the way it appears to the human eye. But what important is that it should be used the right way so that the justice to the room could be served. While decor, furnishing plays their part in adding colors to the room, but the hero here is the wall that makes the maximum impact no matter how small or large space is. And that’s mostly where a lot of homeowners struggle as they don’t know when and where to start. Choosing the right color has always been the biggest concern when it comes to sprucing up any room as it can completely change the way it appears. The size of the room is one of the most important things to consider when choosing the paint color for the walls as it can either make the room feel bigger or even smaller. This is why color choice is really important when it comes to small space.

By choosing the right color for the walls of your room, you can easily fake it into feeling bigger in no time. While white is possibly the safest and most reliable option to go with, but it’s also not the only option. From light and bright to bold and dark, there are several other hues that can work equally amazing for your small space.


Yes, you heard that right. A color like purple could be a part of your house and quite honestly, this is possibly one of the best colors you can go with. Not only it will help to add some interest and appeal to the room but it will also help to make it feel bigger which is exactly what we are trying to achieve here. Colors that are as wild and bold as purple are known to work the best in small spaces, so there’s nothing you should be worried about. However, you don’t have to go all the way with this shade, try limiting it to just one corner such as the entryway of your living room and you’ll be good to go.

Pure white

Well, not the most shocking discovery, in fact, this is the most obvious color choice but the only thing that differs is the finish and the appearance. Unlike white paint colors that have undertones of green, pink, or blue, this pure white paint color doesn’t come with any undertone. In fact, it is in its purest form and is devoid of any kind of starkness or coldness. It feels very light and airy which instantly makes the room look a lot bigger and spacious.


This is yet another one of the most amazing colors you can paint your room in. Blush pink color has a very warm feel to it which works favorably for a small space as it instantly brightens up the room and makes it feel a lot cheery and light. This color works even more amazing when the room sees plenty of natural light. Although the color looks good all day long, it looks extra wonderful at sunset hour. To make things look cohesive and neat in the room, decorate the room with warm and neutral colors like gray, black, beige, and ivory.

Off white

Yet another color belonging to the white color palette. If you are looking to work with a paint color that looks clean and simple then this is the color you should be rooting for. Off white color has this amazing ability to make space look more open and inviting. To make things look more interesting and most importantly to make the room feel bigger, you can create a contrast in the space using vibrant colors and natural greenery. This color scheme will work well in a living space.


If going all white or bold isn’t really your thing then the taupe color is possibly your safest bet as it instantly makes space feel a lot larger and sophisticated without overpowering the room. Apart from adding a splash of color to the room, taupe color also feels very light and relaxing which further helps in improving the mood within the room. Besides that, this color also holds the ability to make a room feel expensive which is an amazing thing in itself.

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