Outdoor lighting ideas to enlighten your house

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The outside look of your house creates the first impression of your house. So put your efforts to make it a great one. Besides other decor ideas such as a nice garden or classy outdoor furniture, perfect lighting can make your house look lively, increasing the overall appeal of your house. It is one of the most essential aspects of your home and makes your personality shine through.

Here are some ideas to illuminate your house in style-

String Lighting

These attractive globe lights increase the attractiveness of your place and are sometimes referred to as Cafe Lights. A single strand has the ability to cover a large area and give your space an appealing golden glow. They are a fairly cheap and easy way to add light to your house. Just string them up, plug them in, and they are ready to enlighten your space. You can install them in your garden or your backyard.

The area where you can face a problem can be the durability of the lighting. They should be able to weather rain, wind, and harsh temperatures. A perfect long-term solution could be to use the energy-efficient LED bulbs which have a longer shelf life than the regular halogen lights.

If decorating for a special occasion like Christmas or New Year, you can use fairy lights that can be programmed to different settings and could amp up or tone down the lighting of your space.


They help in creating a super modern look for your house and are a great option as they are easily portable, and you can set in your mood whenever you want to. Depending on the amount of lighting you want for your space, you can put the lanterns either with candles or LED lights. You can pick either the vintage or the new type of lanterns based on the type of look you want to go for. Wax candles or battery-operated lanterns can also be chosen and arranged in different settings like a cluster on the dining table or a line on the wall.


They help in creating a statement lighting for your house and give it a dramatic look. You can create different lighting effects by using them.

  • Highlighting- Uplights can be used to highlight specific parts of your house like garden structures, plants, trees, or even sculptures. You just need to fix a spotlight fixture at the base, and they will beautifully illuminate the objects from below.

  • Create shadows- To add an element of drama, aim your spotlight at the object to create an enlarged eye-pleasing shadow.

  • Wall washing- To create a beautiful statement wall; add lights along the base of the wall at fixed even intervals. It helps in highlighting the texture of the wall giving it an ambient glow.

Ceiling Lights

There are different types of ceiling lights you can use to make your house look adorable-

Hanging Lights- You could use a dedicated pendant light and hang it over a particular area to highlight it.

Recessed- They are similar to the lights which you use inside your house and are also referred to as Downlights. It is a metal light fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling and requires extensive wiring.

Flush-Mount- These are also fixed against the ceiling but instead of the whole light mounted in the ceiling they drop downwards.

Semi-Flush Mount-It is directly attached to the ceiling and face downwards more of like a fan.

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