Organize your Pantry with Baskets

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It is quite a difficult task to keep your pantry clutter-free, organized and to make it aesthetically beautifully especially if you are the one who uses your pantry on a regular basis. There is a lot of stuff to keep and you take out and place in stuff several times in a day making it all look all more disheveled.

You must have seen nice pantries with beautifully arranged jars and bins that are aligned perfectly. But if you are the one who can’t put that much amount of effort to organize your pantry, then baskets can play a crucial role for you. They come in fabric, plastic, and wicker. Choose whatever suits your style and use them in different ways in your pantry. Below are listed some of them-

  • Create Defined Areas

There is a lot of stuff you need to keep in your pantry. So it becomes mandatory to keep them organized and in such a way that it becomes easy for you to find things, especially when in a hurry. You can think of a lot of creative ways for your pantry organization.

The most basic way is to group the liked items. Like you can put all the canned goods into one basket, packaged snacks can go into another, place your grains like rice or pasta in one dedicated space. Label them to make it more convenient. It will also help you to keep a check on the items about their expiration or when they are about to get finished.

Another interesting way is to group things according to different meals. Put the things you need for breakfast in a single space and a separate basket for grab-and-go lunch. Do what works best for you.

Arrange different small baskets on a single sheet pan for your different baking supplies such as one for cupcake liners and cake pop molds, one for measuring cups. It will definitely look cool.

  • Be Party-ready

What’s the point of having a pantry and still having everything disorganized and make it look messy when your guests come over? It is when baskets play its role, have a dedicated space in your pantry like at top of the shelf or at a back corner to keep a basket that is stocked with the essentials needed when your guests arrive. Having a single basket that holds everything from a bottle of wine to crackers or olives or anything else you need taking your hosting preparedness to another level. It saves your prep time and keeps you stress-free and guest-ready all the time.

  • Use them to use your food efficiently

Is your pantry overloaded and you don’t get your things when needed? Are you the one who buys a lot of foodstuffs and keep them in your pantry and then forget? You can solve this problem simply by placing the older items in the front with the help of baskets. Make sure to keep that unopened packet of chips at the back and those half-eaten at the front to avoid wastage.

  • Use them to confine small appliances

If you are the one who has a range of small appliances in your kitchen and uses them once in a blue moon, then get together all of them and keep them in a separate basket at the back of your pantry. It will make your place look uncluttered and will free up space for the gadgets you use every day or once a week.

  • Use them to hide ugly packaging

If you don’t have ample time to aesthetically organize your kitchen. You are not the one who unpacks your entire foodstuff and keep them in perfectly labeled jars and bins then baskets can be your friend. When you buy your grocery stuff, load the packaged stuff into baskets to hide the mismatched colorful labels. It is a nice idea to replace pretty, clearly labeled containers.

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