Organize your home with these trendy baskets

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If you are the one who loves to organize your house creatively, what could be a better option than simple, pretty, and little baskets? It is one of the easiest ways to remove clutter by actually not removing it. Just pick up the mess and put them in a basket and you are ready to go. Read on how you can use them for different spaces in your house.

In the Bathroom

Baskets can be the easiest and the fastest solution for storage space issues of your bathroom. It works really well for organizing the things on the cabinet space, particularly if you have a small bathroom space. Keep your bathroom essentials like handsoaps, washcloths, toothbrushes in a basket to give your space an uncluttered look.

1. Handy Towels

If you don’t have enough hanging hooks or a towel bar in your bathroom, you can use a basket to put your towels. Just roll them and place them in it. They will give your bathroom a hotel-like feel. Use a round basket to give it a more classy appearance.

2. Toilet Paper Storage

This can be a brilliant idea for your wall decor. Put a wire or a wicker basket onto the wall and you are ready to go.

3. Under-counter Storage

Have empty space under your bathroom cabinet? Then pick baskets that can fit under them. You can put anything in them like your unwashed clothes, bed linens, or any other extra thing that is making your place messy.

In the Kitchen

There are a hell lot of things in your kitchen and organizing them in a nice and elegant way is a daunting task. Enter, the baskets. It one of the cool ideas you can use to keep everything in place and in such a way that it is convenient for you.

4. Small- Space Solution

It becomes all more difficult to organize a small kitchen. But you need not worry as wire baskets come handy when you are short on kitchen cabinet space. You can place them anywhere you want and it will still not look clumsy.

5. Root Vegetable Storage

It is very common to keep root vegetables like potatoes and onions in wired baskets as it helps them to maintain their freshness and keeps them dry.

6. Pantry Organization

There are a lot of things to keep in your pantry and make it messy easily. But you can always use the baskets to keep them organized which will also enable you to keep a tab on your supplies and locate them faster.

In the Living Room

This is the space of your house which should look tidy and welcoming at every time of the day. What could be better than some trendy baskets to help you with this task?

7. Blanket and Pillow Storage

To get a warm and cozy atmosphere, soft blankets and pillows become essential for your living room. So to avoid the mess on your sofas, you can simply keep a large basket to store them.

8. Book Nook

If you are a book-lover and don’t have a separate dedicated space for a bookshelf, you can simply add your favorite reads into a wired basket at the side of the fireplace.

9. Firewood Storage

Don’t have enough budget to get a firewood holder! Just place them in a wire basket, it will definitely look cool.

In the Kids Room

In the Kids Room

This would probably be the messiest and untidy corner of your house. So it needs extra care and attention.

10. Sports Gear Organization

You can easily organize your little one’s sports gear with baskets. It would also become simple for them to find their stuff.

11. Diaper Storage

It will keep the diapers within your reach.

12. Laundry Basket

This is one of the important essentials you should have in your kids’ room.


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