New Neutrals to Use in The New Year

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When we talk about neutral colors you must think of shades such as white, beige, and other earthy tones. They are neutral shades but now is the time to change that and adapt to the new neutrals. The ones known as neutrals fade in the background and do little to nothing to elevate the look. You need to have colors that would bring out the best in the room and promote the look. There are several colors that have now become the new neutral and are used in the decor to bring out the best in the room. Some colors are bold and bright while others are sweet and warm. These colors were once trendy and now have become some of the most commonly used shades.

New Neutrals to Use:

1: Green

Green is the new neutral. This is the color that is there in almost all houses and is famous among everyone. You can choose any shade from this palette and decorate your house with it. There is no shade that would not look good in the house. You can make a nice statement with this lovely shade and make it neutral in the house. Not only on the walls but you can also use this shade on your furniture such as sofas, chairs, couches, and even cabinets, and shelves.


2: Chocolate Brown

This can be said to be a dark shade but this is not vibrant as other colors. This adds a nice layer of warmth and coziness to the place along with a layer of depth. You can use this shade and add some other colors that would work well and decorate the interior of your house. You can go with some neutral tones and earthy tones to create a subtle and calm vibe in the house or you can go with bright colors to add a splash of color to the place.

Chocolate Brown

3: Terracotta

This is a warm color that would look great in any boho style or earthy-styled home. This color is used a lot in Spanish interiors as well. This is a natural shade that is a darker shade of neutral color such as tan that can be used to style the interior. You can also use this shade to style the exterior of the house, furniture, accents and so much more. There are so many areas in the house where you can decorate this stunning color with. This color adds warmth to the place.


4: Blush Pink

You can create a sweet and cool environment in the house with the help of a cute and nice shade of pink known as blush pink. This shade has a lot of white in it along with a hint of pink. This color is a beautiful color that you can use to decorate rooms and add a subtle calm and softness to the place. This shade goes well with several other colors and thus you can use these colors to create a nice decor.

Blush Pink

5: Pretty Black

Black is one of the popular shades but this shade can be a bit overwhelming if not decorated properly. What you can do is get a shade that is nearly black, which means there is a hint of another color, such as black with a hint of gray, green, orange, and others. This helps balance the dark shade and makes it look lovely in the room. This also helps in adding other colors to the place without making it seem uncomfortable.

Pretty Black


Bold and vibrant shades are now taking over the industry and are looking great. You can get these shades and decorate your place with them as you wish. There are several ways you can do so. They make your house look fashionable and comfortable both at the same time. You do not need to look for simple shades to decorate the space when you can go with eh ones you like. They add warmth to the house and make it more relaxing for you. Any color can work in the given space, provided you decorate the things such as furniture and other decor elements in a proper and organized manner. These colors go well with any kind of house decor style.

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