Naturally making the house smell pleasant

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It is said that every house has a distinct smell to it which can be due to the combination of different cleaning products, furniture, other aromatic things in the house. People want their house to smell good and want the house to have a beautiful aroma to it that will make the area feel relaxing, comforting, and inviting. You can get your house to smell pleasant and the way you want, in the fragrance you like the most in some simple and easy ways. There are so many soothing and inviting aromas that you can use to make your house feel comfortable to you and your guests.

You can get your house to smell pleasant with some natural elements that are available easily.

1: Heat some lemon and vanilla in water


If you like vanilla and want your house to have a soothing and fresh vanilla fragrance, you can achieve that with the help of just some ingredients. All you need is some natural vanilla, spices if you like such as cinnamon, nutmeg, and others, and some citrusy fruit for the fresh aroma. You need to collect these ingredients and then put these ingredients in a pot full of water and let them simmer for the day. Let the pot sit for some days and have an amazing and pleasant natural aroma in the house.

2: Make sachets of dried lavender and place them in the house

Lavender has so many medicinal properties such as making people stress-free, reducing anxiety, relieving pain such as backaches and sore muscles, curing headaches when you smell some lavenders, and so many more. Having this aroma will help in making your place feel relaxing and soothing. You can get some fresh lavender and boil or heat it to get the aroma in the house or can use the dried lavender and put them in some sachets and place them in different parts of the house where you want to be aromatic.

3: Put some drops of essential oil on cotton balls

There are some places in the house that no matter what tend to smell bad such as the shoe closet where all your shoes are or the dirty cloth laundry or the garbage bin. No matter what there will be a little bit of foul smell that just do not go. To make these areas smell nice you need to have some simple and easily available ingredients. You need some cotton balls and your favorite essential oil. Put some drops of essential oil onto the cotton balls and place these balls in the places you want to smell nice. Change them after some time and voila you get the area smelling nice.

4: Put some cloves on an orange; pomander balls

Are you a fan of the fresh, refreshing, citrusy fragrance of orange and want your house to have this pleasant smell? You can achieve this goal of yours by just creating some pomander balls. Pomander balls have been used as a decoration and a way to make the house smell good during festivals for centuries. You can make one with an orange and then poke them with cloves. Stick the cloves in the orange in a pattern or randomly and you get a pomander ball. This ball will provide your interior with a sweet, citrusy aroma rich in vitamin c. you can cover them with other spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg or other citrusy fruit if you like to. Cloves and oranges are good for your health as well. This pomander ball is a great choice to have a fresh aroma in the house.


You can get the one manufactured with some chemicals such as diffusers or candles with artificial aromas that can help your house smell nice but sometimes these chemical aromas can cause some allergic reactions and can irritate if not suited. It is better to use natural essences and natural ways to have your place smell good. If you are not allergic to the manufactured ones such as the scented candles and the diffusers then you can get those and make your house have a pleasant aroma that can help you and your guests be comfortable at your place.


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