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Shopping is always fun, especially when it’s done online. All the great deals, offers, and discounts make the entire shopping experience a lot more amazing and cost-effective, and the best thing about online shopping is you get to do everything right from the comfort of your home. And speaking of online shopping, it’s not just fashion articles that can be purchased from online stores, but essentials like mattresses can also be purchased online since most mattress companies have moved online.

Buying mattresses is a pretty huge deal, considering you don’t go and buy a new one every other month. Given the importance of a mattress in every individual’s life, it’s imperative to make the right purchase. Having the right mattress not only ensures a better sleep experience, but it also keeps several body ailments at bay. A few things that every individual should consider before purchasing a mattress include features, price range, credibility, etc. If you have been meaning to purchase a mattress for yourself and looking for the right place to make this purchase, is the place you should consider checking out.


Learn more about Saatva

Saatva is a mattress company that was founded in 2010. It crafts and sells different types of mattresses that are constructed to meet different needs and requirements of all types of sleepers. The company sells four mattress models that include saatva classic, loom & leaf, saatva latex hybrid, and solaire. Each mattress differs from each other in terms of the price range, features, and other factors. Mattresses available on the website are designed keeping the sleeper’s needs in mind. In addition to selling mattresses, the brand also sells a variety of other items, including bedding stuff, frames, and bases.

Saatva has maintained a reputation for being a premier luxury mattress and bedding brand. The company offers high-quality luxury mattresses and bedding items at an affordable price range. It also gives you an opportunity to try the purchased mattress for 180 nights, and if you don’t find it to be a suitable option for you, you can easily return it. Now, without any further ado let’s take a look at the products that are being sold at Saatva.



Mattresses are the company’s primary products. The company specializes in crafting and selling mattresses, and the website features four mattress models that differ from each other in terms of features and price range. Based on your weight, sleeping position, and preferences, you can look for a mattress that meets all your needs and requirements. Whether you are looking to invest in a plush mattress or the one that provides extra support and firmness to the body, you can find every kind of mattress on Saatva that is constructed using premium materials and are engineered for pain-free sleep.

Saatva Classic- It is a classic hybrid innerspring mattress that offers a blend of durability and support that gives all the luxurious feels. This mattress also happens to be the most popular choice among buyers, and that can be attributed to its great features that include edge support, luxury euro pillow top, individually wrapped coils, spinal zone technology, and durable steel coil support.

Loom & Leaf- It is the best luxury memory foam mattress available on the website. The mattress provides a relaxed firm and contouring support that ensures a better sleeping experience. Additionally, it features a quilted organic cotton cover, gel cooling layer, premium memory foam, and multi-layer support.

Saatva latex hybrid- This mattress is 100% natural and organic in nature, which makes it a suitable choice for people who are susceptible to allergic reactions, granting the mattress is hypoallergenic. It is constructed with latex hybrid innerspring that provides uplifting support and long-lasting comfort to the body.

Solaire- The solaire mattress is a perfect option for those individuals that don’t want to compromise on their comfort. This mattress features six luxurious layers of comfort and 50 firmness options that can be adjusted according to your needs and preferences by just touching the button. You can set the mattress’s firm level according to your needs.



If you have been meaning to purchase some bedding items for your home, Saatva has a pretty great collection to offer. The bedding items available on the website include pillows, sheets, toppers, and blankets that are made using premium materials.


Frames and bases

You can also check out the amazing selection of frames and bases offered on the website. The bases are constructed in a way that ensures better quality sleep from the ground up by enabling you to make the most out of your mattress.


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