Modern Painting Styles for Home

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Globalization has developed better and modern infrastructure, to help humans built a better life. The infrastructure of a home consists of walls which are huge and major parts of a home. Since these are huge empty wall which needs to be decorated, rather than adding a colorful paint to decorate walls, you can do so much more to them. You can add wallpapers painting clocks, tiles, and many other things to it. This eventually enhances the beauty of these walls and making your home appear beautiful. Adding art to these walls is majorly done by us all, we add any form and style of painting to these walls without knowing what is the painting trend of the 21st century? Well, today we will make you aware of the trending painting style in this post. Painting is a source of art that has brought us closer to the way our ancestors use to live their lives. Earlier painting used to be formed on walls or large canvas but time has brought the change and we are now making a painting on metal, glass, etc. Today we will discuss the form of painting that can be used to decorate the wall of your home in the persisting era.



This form of art is based on the real image of the object when the designed figure looks like the real replica of the image being painted. Realism can be associated with the painting which looks much like the real thing. These are also known as the ‘true art’ of painting. Since the painter associated with this art is able to create the exact object on the page, that it appears as if real. The difference could only be total if the person observes the minute details of the painting. This form of art has come to existence since the Renaissance when Leonardo da Vinci created a masterpiece ‘Mona Lisa’ also known as ‘Joconde’ in French countries. The artist was successful to create the illusion with the perfect use of colors, expressing every minute detail of the object.



The industrial revolution brought a lot of changes along with it, such as women began to go out of their homes to work. Similarly, there were some crucial changes in the economic growth of the country. Where earlier generation was suffering to not accept the changes painter took advantage of this, they walked out of their homes and started painted nature and the objects in their imaginary form. They used different colors majorly associated with the industrial colors and the smoke coming out of the industrial chimneys. The painter didn’t make efforts in merging the colors together and give a smooth texture to the painting, they left the brush or other tools marks on the painting to make it appear as a real painting.



The painting belonged to this form of art were discovered in 1880, the depth covered by these painting were simply amazing, the object was opaque and clear. You really don’t need to go in-depth to observe what is drawn. You can easily make out what is drawn from a length. The flowers of bushes drawn by the original painter were said to be an incomplete form of art. To our shock, these paintings weren’t really appreciated at the time of origin. They were criticized for the rough look and became the source of mockery. However, if you place these in the modern age home, they add a vibrant and uniqueness to the walls. They weren’t much recognized back then, but people surely love them now.



This from art is basically the modern age; the revival of this form is from the 20th century. The reality of the world was changing for people. They were becoming more subjective and goal-oriented. This is what started reflecting in the art. Humans were deprived of their natural surroundings and were forced to accept the technically developed world. The flowers and nature were gone from the painting. All that was left was some bold colors on a piece of paper or cloth. Well, this is something the modern generation prefers for their home and so should you if it interests you.

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