Making The Small Entryway Look Spacious

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It is a fun thing to use small spaces and create them into something beautiful and to make them look spacious. There are so many different ways you can transform a small and useless space into something meaningful and something spacious. Here you are going to know more about how can you transform your space that is the entryway of your house into something welcoming and exciting. The entryway is the first thing your guest see when they arrive at your place and this should have a comfortable and cozy vibe to it to make your guests feel inviting and good when they are here. There are so many small and simple things that can make it look better.

You can look at the list below to know how can you create a spacious entryway.

Tip to make entryway look spacious

1: Wall designs and wall art

Wall designs and wall art

When you are looking for ways to create a small space cozier, you can look for some wall designs and wall art that can make the space feel cozier and lively. You can choose different colors according to the space available. This wall art adds some vibrance and pop to the room and makes the space look better. You can decorate the wall with some designs either by painting them or by putting wallpaper on the wall.

2: Installing some wall hooks

Installing some wall hooks

When it comes to the entryway there are so many things people just leave there messily which they need to take when they go out of the house. Instead of just leaving your things there or looking for some space in the house to put the things you can put some wall hangers on the wall that can provide someplace where you can hang your bags, coats, hats, and other things that you might be needed when you are going out of the house.

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3: Shelves and cabinets for storage

Shelves and cabinets for storage

When it comes to creating some space where you can store things, vertical space comes in hand. You can create so many shelves and hangers where you can put your things in. When it comes to the entryway, you need some space where you can put your shoes, keys, coats, other things that might be needed when leaving the place or for your guests to put their stuff in. You can use the vertical space available in your entryway and install shelves and cabinets there where you can put your items at.

4: Huge mirror on the wall

Huge mirror on the wall

One of the easiest ways to create space or the illusion of it is by putting a mirror in the room. Here you can put a huge, full-body, mirror on the entryway to make the space feel bigger and better. This mirror will not only make the entryway look spacious but also useful when you are going out. You can do one final check of your look before going out of the house and seeing that you look okay. There are different shapes and styles of mirrors that you can get for your entryway.

5: Use light colors

Use light colors

To make any room feel spacious, people tend to your light colors as they make the room feel spacious and cooler. For your entryway too, you can use some cool and light shades that will be making that look spacious and will be comfortable, and stylish. You can use some natural elements in the entryway and make it look refreshing and inviting. You can put some wooden panels or can go with some different colors to add depth into the room with the whole theme going with some light colors.


Take some time and transform some of the spaces in the house to make them useful so that there is no useless or wasted space in the house. This way you get to use a lot of space and each and every space in your house has a meaning and is clean. There are so many affordable and chic ideas that you can use to change and create a pretty and cozy space in your house. Look for more small spaces and get going with changing them and making them look more spacious and better.

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