Make your bed warm and cozy this winter with these cool ideas

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It becomes really important to add extra elements to your bedroom when the temperatures start to drop. Follow some of these ideas to make your bedroom extra luxurious, extra warm and extra cozy.

On the Bed

From where can we start to make our bedroom cozy for winter? Of course, from the bed itself. Design in a way to give it a warm and luxurious feel. You should feel like hopping on it after a tiresome day.

  • Start from your comforter

To give your bed that extra softness, do consider the type of comforter you are choosing for your bed. Winter is the perfect time to invest in a fluffy down or down alternative comforter if you are thinking to buy one. You can also add an electric blanket under your current comforter to upgrade your bed according to the changing season.

  • Toss on a Throw

They will surely help you to add that extra warmth and care to your bed. Throw some pillows that are cable-knit or are made from faux fur for the extra texture and to make your bed winter-ready.

  • Don’t skimp on sheets

How is it even possible to make your bed cozy and comfortable without the perfect sheets? Though cotton can the best choice for summers, think of alternatives when the season changes. Consider adding linen, they give a great texture to your bed and also works well in summer. Another great option to swap your summer sheets can be flannel, they are perfect for a very cold, chilly climate.

If your bed has a cold metal bed frame, you can add a bed skirt to change the feel of your bed altogether

Beside the Bed

While you are putting in efforts to make your bedroom ready for winter, it doesn’t end at just making up your bed. Go beyond the bed and make the sides also look aesthetically beautiful. In short, create a wholesome look to not just give a cozy feel but a cozy vibe too.

  • Rugs for extra comfort

It is everyone’s problem to wake up and get out of your warm and soft blanket in winter days. It is the most difficult task you do in the season apart from your work. So why not make that part also right, so that when you wake up and land your feet on the floor, they feel that warmth and coziness. Add a warm rug to the side of your bed or layer it if you already have one with a faux fur one that is in trend due to its extra soft texture.

  • Warm Lighting

Perfect lighting creates a perfect ambiance. Add warm light in your bedroom besides the bright ones so that when you wake up in the morning, you don’t need to face that extra light in your eyes and make yourself uncomfortable. Place a side lamp to avoid the hustle of getting up from bed to switch off the lights after you have comfortably settled down on it.

Behind the Bed

This is the space that probably doesn’t come to your mind when making your bedroom ready for winter. But surely, it will add that extra element to your space just like a frame adds to a picture.

  • Consider your headboard

It is important to choose a headboard that feels soft and warm to your head. Avoid adding a metal frame as it will get really cold in winters, instead have a fabric one to add a layer of softness. But don’t worry you can use several DIY ideas to cover your metal headboard in winters to make your bed a cozy one.

  • Add an accent wall

This is a style element that works for every season. To give your bedroom an intimate feel, try adding a dark color like black. It will surely make your room feel extra snug and secure.

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