Luxury Time With A Spa Make-Over at Home

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Well, peeps, it’s not necessary that you need to have a million dollars worth properties to add a spa in your home. All of us have rooms that are attached to a bathroom, and if you have a home with three rooms you are good to go for this luxury Spa at home. Even two will suffice if you don’t have kids. So there are some essentials that you need to have in the room to make it a complete spa room. First of all, the bathroom and room have to be combined into one big room. This is possible if you place a glass partition between the bathroom space and the room. Now the room has to be filled with the Spa elements discussed further below.

Air diffuser

It’s a major and most important thing for a spa. You know when you enter into a Spa you have that lovely earthy, natural fragrance in your surrounding that’s the magic of air diffuser. You must invest in some of the scented candles as well. There are lightening air diffusers as well which could be lit up using a candle and essential oil. There are electrical ones as well by candles ones work well. Now, before you grab all those varieties of lovely fragrance. You must notice how these fragrances work together. Thus, test the fragrance before you purchase them together. The combo has to have one powerful fragrance such as or lavender or lemon, second, you need to have a calming scent such as vanilla or rose. Some experiment with herbal scents such as sandalwood and lemongrass.

Moroccan Decor

If you have observed their decor then, you would have noticed how antique and unique collection they have. Each art form, whether it’s an artistic effect or a wall decor it has been worked on minutely and has a lovely texture.  Get a candle stand, a chandelier, wallpaper inspired in this art. It will really leave an impeccable mark in the room.  Add some throw pillow on a neutral couch that can be done as well. If you see the mirror art of this culture you will truly be mesmerized so get yourself some special addition of this culture.

Room Divider

As you might have noticed in the spa there is a lounge where you can sit relax and enjoy your tea while waiting or after a massage you feel like sipping some lemon water for hydration. Thus, buy a wooden room divider, these are like partition in the late 19th century where women use to change. So you can get this kind of wooden partition, these look ethnic and chic at the same time. You can purchase room dividers in the Moroccan theme if you like, they have lovely detailed wooden piece. Add a couch and coffee table to one side and place the Spa bed on the other end. Make sure there are some drawers to keep some cleaned sheets and towels. Especially your spa products like oils, moisturizers, etc.

Color Coordination

You want to make this room feel dark yet relaxing, so you can go for color coordination like white and grey or some natural wallpaper in botanical print such as leaves and flowers. An accent wall can be tanned wood or even tanned wood flooring can be your options. Having a large piece of mirror is a must for this room. So go golden border with the mirror it will give a glam look to the room. Getting a block brick wall can be done as well. Going full-on white can be done as well, yet white can give a more bland look. Yet if you are not into colors then white can be your option. Coming to the flooring as specified before you can go for tanned wood or you can go with plain white marble flooring. Adding some textured tiles looks great as well.

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