Lights you can use instead of the classic Christmas lights

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The festive season is all about being happy and having fun with your family and friends. The festive season is here and Christmas is approaching. This is the time when the decorative lights come out of the garage and people start checking if they still work or not. This is the time when people decorate their house with different lights and bulbs to make the place look bright and beautiful. You can be creative and use other lights instead of the mainstream, classic Christmas lights to decorate your place.
We brought to you some of the non-classic lights that you can use to decorate your place this Christmas. You can use any and all of these ideas to make your house look bright and vibrant this festive season.

LED tape lights

These LED tape lights are extremely famous among the gen Z and people are using them to decorate their rooms and illuminate the place. These lights are easy to operate and put. As the name suggests these lights are in the form of tape and can stick to any clean surface. You can use these tape lights and paste them all around the perimeter of your house. These lights usually come with a remote control that helps you change the intensity and colors of the light. Here for Christmas, you can change the lights to even red and green. These lights are one of the ideal lights if you are confused about what colors of lights to get for the festival.

Luminaries around the yard

These are a unique way of brightening up the yard. Instead of going mainstream and using lights to light up the yard, you can use this inexpensive method. This not only saves you money but also electricity. These were used in ancient times to provide light and brighten up the path at night. You can make these luminaries on your own too. All you will need are some paper bags that are translucent and can let light pass through them to some extent. Some sand to make the paper bags heavy so that they remain put in a place. And instead of the authentic design where you put candles, you can use battery-operated candles to make sure it is safe. Illuminate the yard on your house.

Projector that will make the house glow

If you are not a big fan of lights and find it a ruckus to put these lights on and then remove them after the festive season then this is the solution for you. You can put and plug in a light projector that projects different colors and patterns onto the surface in front of it. Here you will be free from all the ruckus and efforts needed to put up the lights and you can still make your house vibe in the festive season. Install and plug in the projector facing the front of the house. You can also display it in other areas of the house wherever you think needs some lights and enhance the area.

Yard displays covered in lights

If you are looking for a way you can decorate your yard and make it look beautiful then you can put some yard displays in your yard. You can create a proper scene with these. You can put some reindeers or snowman or Santa or gifts. These displays are usually made up of some metal such as steel or some thick steel wires and then are covered with lights. LED lights or maybe some fairy lights. When you put these displays in the yard, they light up at the light at making the yard look alluring with all the lights and the yard display. This is one of the easy ways you can make your yard magical and vibrant.

Now you know what types of lights you can use in order to make the house look magical and in the holiday spirit. You need not work extremely hard to put the lights in and around the house. You need not go all extravagant at the festival. You can decorate the place according to how you want to. The lights mentioned above not only look extremely great but will also help you save a lot and are environment friendly too. You can even find the ones that are solar-powered if your area receives sunlight during this time of the year. These lights make a lot of difference and make the place look fun and fantastic.

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