Jewel tones that you should introduce in your house

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There are several colors that you can include and design your house in but there is just more elegant and grandeur when it comes to jewel tones. These tones are soothing and at the same time emit such a luxurious aura, making the place look elegant and lavish. These bold, rich and extravagant tones are the extreme opposite of the minimal, neutral tones people are going after. Why make the room dull and boring with some neutral shades when you can add personality and add some extraness into the room. These tones are called the jewel tones because they are extracted from the gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and other stunning gemstones.

Here are some of the jewel tones you can use and decorate your house with to create that lavish vibes to the interior of your place.

Emerald green

Green is gaining a lot of popularity and is getting the fame it deserves. One of the popular and vibrant colors is emerald green. This color oozes richness, grandeur, extravagance,  drama, adds depth to the room, and makes the room look beautiful. There are several different colors you can pair with this bold color to make your room look complete. Adding this color to any room is easy. You can paint a wall and create a statement wall or you can get some upholstery in this stunning color for your room.


This shade of blue adds depth to the room and makes the area look ethereal. This is one of the most beautiful colors that you can add to your interior and make your place look beautiful and rich. Sapphire adds such a vivid hue of blue and when it is paired with other colors such as turquoise or white or some other shade of blue, it creates an ocean kind view in the room making the room look bright, fresh, and breezy.


Want a cozy and autumny vibe to the place with some rich colors then you can include this rich and lavish shade of green that can make your room look stunning and extravagant. As said before, green is getting the right fame it deserves and this shade of green deserves it all. Jade is such a pretty color that you can get and decorate your house with this color. You can combine some other colors with this stunning color to create a proper autumnal look in the room. You can get some mustard, yellow, citrine, and many more shades of yellow and even brown to make the place beautiful.


Amethyst or you can even call this shade a royal purple shade. This shade is a stunner. This shade adds depth to the area and adds a new level of richness and luxury to the room. You can create a dramatic look for your room by pairing this royal shade of purple with some gold. Yellow, navy, lighter shades of purple, etc. This shade can be used in rooms with high ceilings. You can paint the walls, add some design using this color, get furniture such as a chair or sofa in this stunning shade.

Cerulean blue

Looking for something light and soft yet have the lavish aura to it, then you should get some cerulean blue for your place. This shade is the light, pastel shade of blue and looks amazing when it is used in a room. You can pair it up with some snow-white color or can go with some darker tones such as navy blue, magenta, etc. this color would create a soothing and peaceful aura in the room with being lavish and grandeur at the same time.


You can include these jewel tones in your interior and make your house look absolutely beautiful. These tones add drama and depth to the place. These colors are only suitable for the ones that are okay with some extravagance and maximalism and not for the ones that are more inclined towards neutrals and minimalism. Make sure to know what your style is before choosing the color palette or before introducing new colors to your interior. This will ensure that you are choosing the correct colors for your interior according to your style.

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