Inspirational Ideas For Your Bathroom

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Bathroom decor has always been an interesting aspect because of so many variations, themes, and designs. Whenever you step in someone else’s bathroom and feel that fruity fragrance, it means that they value the aesthetics of bathroom decor and inculcate it. It is very impressive to see people who put so much effort into decorating their bathrooms just like the living room. Whether it is a complete transformation or just a little touch up here and there, it really matters and alters the look completely. However, it can be quite tricky if you have a smaller space. But you can always look for DIY ideas and transform your regular space into a trendy one. Juggle your thoughts and discover the best one.
We’ve put together a range of ideas that you can add to your bathroom and turn into a beautiful space. Read on-


Place Classic pieces

Every bathroom is just a regular space in a house but you can always add something extraordinary to make it look different and trendy. Details matter whether it is your living room or your bathroom. There is so much one can do to make this room stand out. Pick antique pieces or sculptures and place them in any corner of the bathroom. You can even place them on the slab next to the sink to add a vintage vibe. The antique pieces are not just for fancy drawing room area. The trick is to think out of the box and then execute this idea. You can also add a stack of books in the corner. It’s all about your personal touch!


Dash of Greenery

Nature lovers are already doing this. Pick your favorite green plants from the garden and place them in a nice artistic vase. Place it on the slab for a natural touch. You can also add a pot of plants in one corner near the curtain. This is not it. You can also pick your favorite flowers and place them in a colorful pot filled with water. These things bring life to the bathroom and you’ll feel like staying there all day. Such artsy features and colorful vibes are an inspirational idea for your regular bathroom. It will not only transform the space but your outlook too.

Add Wooden Furniture

Yes, you can add furniture to the bathroom! Why- if you incorporate every natural material like wood and marble in your bathroom, it will add a traditional touch to the bathroom. This is actually a part of the Victorian design where wood is considered an element of design and decor. That’s why wood looks very royal in homes. Furniture like a small wooden bench or fancy cabinets can be placed in a corner for utility and style at the same time. There are so many fancy cabinets with vintage touch available in the market nowadays which are a must-buy. Get yourself one and change the entire layout of the bathroom.


Illuminating Lighting

There are many variations in bathroom lighting and this is one of the most important accessories for any bathroom. It creates focus on fancy designs and classic pieces that you have placed in there. With illuminating lighting, the important areas are highlighted and it looks as good as any luxury hotel’s bathroom. The incandescent bulbs are a very good option for the perfect lighting as they have a white color beam that emits a cool vibe. Compact Fluorescent bulbs are also a good option and much more reasonable. Pendant lights and hanging bulbs also add aesthetics to the bathroom. You can also place colorful candles on the slab and give it a natural look.

Pebble Flooring

Bathroom flooring is a very important aspect when it comes to decoration. Opt for artistic flooring tiles that catch attention immediately. One of the most natural and classy styles is the pebble flooring that not only gives a beachy vibe but also creates a visual impact in our minds. Pebbles have a natural instinct to them which is why they are commonly chosen for other home decor ideas too. You can install pebble tiles in your walk-in shower for the ultimate feel. Or you can also place pebbles in one corner and place a nice green plant on the top to give a garden feel. There’s nothing you can’t do with pebbles.
Explore your thoughts and pick the best ideas that you can. There is a lot of creativity involved and we’re sure you can nail it!

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