Innovative shower ideas for your Bathroom

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If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom space by installing the traditional soaker tub, we would recommend you have something more practical as well as refreshing at the same time. No doubt, tubs are relaxing, but showers can provide you with more comfort and ease. They can be installed in both small and large spaces, and you can even choose different designs that suit your needs and taste. Available in both modern and traditional designs, it can provide you any kind of look. Below we have given some of the ideas which you can consider while creating a beautiful shower for your bathroom.

Frameless Glass Walls with Marble Shower

The design we are discussing here is something that is both elegant and traditional at the same time. What you need to is, if you have a large space and want to have a luxurious bathroom for yourself, install frameless glass walls along with smart marble tiles. Leave a door to create an airy and open feeling; it would also make your space look larger than its actual size. Have a privacy window that would act as a doorway to natural light.  Try to install a handy built-in bench where you could comfortably sit and relax in steam. And to enhance the aesthetics mix gold bathroom fixtures with the marble tiles. It is a setup that looks stylish and not too overdone.

Black and White Combination with Open Shower

This is one of those classic designs that would give your bathroom space an evergreen rocking look. Don’t make a mistake of installing a large-sized tub if you have enough space; it would not be that practical as that of a setup with a spectacular open shower. Have a dramatic look by adding contrasting white features in a bathroom with black penny tiles. It would look damn gorgeous. Cover the floor, the shower area, and even the wall with the tiles. The end result you would get will be sleek, modern, crisp, and clean.

Have a Chic Bathroom with Separate Shower and Tub areas

It would look stunning if you have a bathroom with both shower and tub demarcating separate areas. Design them thoughtfully by having the classic marble walls and flooring along with spectacular custom glass-enclosed shower. Install a separate hand shower and a wall-mounted showerhead made with polished nickel. The nickel would help in bringing out the simple marble look gorgeously. And to warm up the cool-toned space a little bit, add in a wood vanity with a fine chrome detailing. Setup the separate tub and shower spaces in a way that if two persons are taking a bath, their privacy won’t get compromised.

Modern Shower combined with an old-world vibe.

If you want to have a blend of both old and modern world vibe, pick up this design for your bathroom. They would give you a sight that is ultra-luxurious. Combine fine stonework with some trendy modern fixtures. After that, give it a vintage brass finish that would give the place an industrial vibe. Liven up space by adding contrasting tile patterns making the whole beautiful and elegant. Install a frameless glass shower door; it may not strike you in the first place but would surely add to the stunning appearance. It would help in making the entire room look bigger than its actual size and would make it even brighter than usual.

Create a relaxing space by adding color

Color helps in setting up the tone and mood for any space. A nice color palette can be soothing and eye-pleasing, like if you add the popular crystal blue shade to the bathroom. Just looking at the place might give you a relaxing feel. Have a beach kind feel just by installing tiles in blue ocean color.

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