Ingenious room divider ideas to double up your space

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There’s nothing in this world that comes easier and inexpensive, especially when it has something to do with home interior. Even the tiniest of things done for the betterment or improvement of your home can cost you a bomb, and things are not the same for everyone. Sometimes, making use of cheaper and alternative ways to make things work in your favor always serves as the safest bet. Most of the homeowners must know that the cost to wall off a room can easily burn a huge hole in their pocket, it might definitely be the most reliable and effective way to create a room divider, but like we said before, not everybody’s existing budget is that flexible or even in some cases, not everybody has got the liberty to wall off the room (talking about the people staying on rent). Whether you are in need of some privacy or a strategic layout you are trying to create in the room, either way, there are so many other room divider ideas that can work as effectively for you as a room divider wall. Not only will they help you save lots of bucks but will also add a stylish element to your space. We have made a list of some creative and decorative room divider ideas that won’t only give you your privacy but will also boost the aesthetic appeal of your space.

Plant and huge wall planter

Going natural and eco-friendly way always help in the long run. And there can be no better option than lush green plants to wall off the room. Making use of greenery is not only a great way to create a sense of privacy within the space, but it also helps in bringing colors, life, and energy inside the room, making it feel and appear more colorful, bright, and cheery. Not to mention, plants also help in purifying the air, so why not use them instead as a wall divider to better the quality of air inside your home. You can play with various options varying in sizes and heights. And as far as the planter is concerned, you can pick it in any style as long as it’s serving the purpose.

A curtain

Adding a curtain to cut off the room for some privacy as well as decor reasons can probably be the easiest and the most convenient way of creating a room divider. Giant curtains hung on roads can act as a great room divider, which can create a division in the room when needed and also provides some privacy. You can easily break up space using some luxurious and drapes of your choice or even curtains of different materials like metal chain link curtains to add drama to the room for a maximum impact.

Open shelving unit

Shelving units are also a great way to break up space and create a division in the room to create two different spaces. While shelves come in all different types, from closed shelving units to open shelving units, each type serves different purposes. However, if you are trying to create a division without completely enclosing space, then you can use an open shelving unit to divide the room. It will not only act as a room divider but will also act as a storage space that can be used to hold different items and decor pieces.

Folding screens

If you want your room dividers to be more elaborate and decorative, then look no further than folding screens that not only adds a sense of privacy to your space but also boost the aesthetic appeal of the room. These folding screens come in a variety of styles and designs; you can pick the one that looks the best to you and get it installed in the required spot. This is a great way to add a textural effect to the room.

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