Illumination ideas for your Garden space

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Lighting is important for every corner of the house. Whether it is your living room, your bathroom or your garden- every corner lights up with the perfect illumination and reflects its features. There are so many options when it comes to lighting and that’s why we have picked the best ones for your garden space. Your garden space is the first thing someone looks at when they enter your house. So, it should cast a lasting impression on them. Use these lighting types in the best possible way to create the perfect illumination and light up the house!

Bollard Lights

These lights are one of the most used lights for, particularly large garden spaces. There are so many variations in lights nowadays that it is hard to pick one. So, it is recommended to add a variety of lighting in your garden depending on the kind of illumination you want. And more importantly, in which corner. These bollard lights are used for large garden spaces mainly on the pathways to create lighting as you walk. They are cylindrical pieces that provide 360-degree lighting and one-way lighting as well. That is why it is important to know which corner you want to illuminate. Because only then will you be able to decide what kind of bollard lighting you need. This one is fancy lighting so it will definitely be one of the best decorative picks for you!


Everyone knows about this one and these are extremely popular for large garden spaces. This is because their beam of light goes on to a wide distance and thus covers the entire garden area. If you are looking for something that will give extreme illumination to your space, then this is your final pick. This outdoor lighting comes in a variety of shapes and thus, you can choose anything you like. Attach it to the garden walls to reflect the central area or to the fence or near the sitting area. You can also install them near the porch to reflect towards the gate. The amount of light this one reflects is commendable and thus, it can be used to highlight the garden features and the greenery as well. Place them in the corners and angle them upwards to aim at the trees for a dramatic look.

Spike lights

The easiest ones to install! This is very cute lighting with a lot of admiration especially when you want to create a dash of lighting through the greenery. For a dramatic effect and subtle lighting, one should use spike lights because they are mainly for decorative purposes. Spike lights are mainly battery operated and that’s why you don’t need a lot of connections to install them. Just have them installed either amongst the plants or along the driveway to create a dramatic look. Since these are used for decorative purposes, they do not give much illumination. But they are definitely the best ones to create romantic and subtle lighting in the garden space. Pick these lights in small sizes and plant them accordingly.


Similar to floodlights, they are used across the garden either in one corner or in the center to create the right kind of lighting. The difference between spotlights and floodlights is that these emit a narrow beam of light. This ends up in less lighting over a large space because only a particular section is aimed at. Use these lights when you want to highlight a particular feature of your garden area like a pebble corner or a fountain corner. Sometimes this kind of lighting is also used in the swimming pool to add drama. This outdoor lighting has a lot of admiration, particularly for their style and vibrancy. If you wish to create a unique look for your space, then this is your definite pick. Have them installed in different colors and create the most gorgeous ambiance.

String lighting

For a quirky garden, look for these string lights and create a beautiful look for your garden area. If you love DIY ideas and customized areas, then you can do a lot with these string lights. String lights are basically decorative lights that come in different colors and are used to add vibe and mood to the night. If you are hosting a party, then this lighting can be used to create a mood for a dinner party. You can also place photo hangings on this light for a personal touch. Hang them across the fence or through the trees to create a warm ambiance. This is sure to welcome your guests with a heart-warming vibe. Have it placed in your garden right away!

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