Ideas you can use to decorate your room into a maximalist room

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Maximalist décor means the more the interior the better it is. This means that styling a room with all different kinds of décor elements and making sure it all looks good together. Decorating different elements together can be a bit tricky as it can go from fab to drab quickly. You need to make sure that the décor elements and the furniture you are using go well with each other and make the room look great and not make it look like it is cluttered and untidy.

The given below are certain things and elements you can use to make your room into a maximalist one without making it look too much.

Choose some vibrant and bold color palette

Maximalist décor is all about being bold and vibrant and upfront about how you feel and what vibes you want to present in your room. What else is better than using some beautiful colors to express what you want to. In this décor, you use bold and bright colors. You can use them on walls or can get some colorful furniture and other beddings and cushion covers. You can also have the décor element that is there for the decorative purpose in bright colors to add to the room. This makes the room bright and warm.

Lots and lots of pillows and rugs in the room

After putting in the furniture make sure to invest in some pillows and cushions and some rugs. They enhance the look of the room and make the place feel cozy. You can get different colors and patterns of cushions and rugs and make them work together. You can get whichever design and pattern you like and put them together. All that matters in this décor is to make sure you plan strategically and you know how to put certain stuff on display in order to make them look good and not shabby.

Play with textures and patterns

As mentioned above maximalist décor has a lot of textures and patterns working together in a place. You can use these patterns and textures when you are putting curtains, selecting cushion covers, beddings, throw set, rugs and carpets, and other stuff. You can even paint your wall and make a statement wall by either putting wallpaper or by using several paints to make some pattern on the wall. Make sure to balance things out and not make the room look tacky or extremely vibrant and uncomfortable with the number of colors in the room.

Make sure to display what you like

Make it a point to make the room represent who you are and what you like. Make sure to put things on display that you want to show. You can put stuff up on the mantel or can put on the shelves. You can make a backdrop using some pictures and paintings or some posters to cover the wall and make the room look nice. You can select the stuff depending upon your liking and your personality and vibe that you want the décor to follow.

Mixing different themes together and making them work

If you are having doubts as to what to get to make the room look maximalist then you can get some themes and select which one you wish to go with. You can also mix some themes and use different elements from those themes in your room and make them work together. Make sure to plan and then execute. Make a list of stuff that you want to put in the room before getting it and make sure it has all the space available for it. there is a thin line between the room being maximalist and messy and clutters.

This style and décor are all about using different patterns and textures and making them work together. If you feel that it is too much and things are getting cluttered then you can look for some theme. Go with the theme and then get the things required to be in the room. This helps you to plan where to put which stuff and you can have a modern maximalist room without making it look too much and making sure it is cozy and comfortable for you.

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