Ideas to decorate a teen bedroom

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Do you have a teen at your place and you need to have some ideas as to how can you design their room so that it looks good and they feel comfortable and happy with the decor? There are so many styles and decor ideas you can take some help from when it comes to decorating but it can get a bit confusing as to what you should get for the room to make the room inviting and comfy. You can go with one theme altogether in a room or can mix and match different trends and styles together in one room. You need to take care of colors and styles so that the room looks and feels like the teen’s personality.


You can decorate a teen bedroom easily without getting confused. Here are some of the elements and ideas you can use to decorate the room.

1: Accent colors in the room

If you want to make the room fun, vibrant and lively then you can use some accent colors to make the place look better and more beautiful. The room usually gets painted in one color and to add more vibrance to the place you can add some more accent colors into the room. You can introduce these colors in the form of pillows, rugs, cushions, throw sets, lamps, shelves, etc in the room. This will create a beautiful atmosphere in the room and make it comfy and cozy for your teen.

2: Use of fun lights

Teens are now on social media and are now inclined towards aesthetics and styles. One of the ways to create a great vibe in the room is to have some trendy and fun lights installed. You can do so by getting some funky lights or some fairy lights depending on the choice of your teen. You can get the famous LED string lights that you can use put in the room and decorate the place with colorful lights. You can use some fairy lights to decorate the area such as the table, headboard, and other areas in the room.

3: Trendy wallpapers

Get your teen on board with you in this project and look for stuff they like and what they do not. You can create a beautiful area with the help of trendy and printed or patterned wallpaper. You can put this wallpaper on one of the walls to create a statement wall in the room or you can even place them on the cupboard or even the cabinets instead of the wall to make them look unique and beautiful. You can get so many different types of wallpapers having different patterns, different styles, even some removable ones that you can remove if you do not like them in the room.

4: Setting up the room in a theme

Look for several different themes and decor styles according to which you can decorate the room. Once you know what theme your teen wants then you can go on with the one and plan according to the theme. You can then get a proper plan as to what you need to get, how can you paint the room, how can you put the furniture, what color theme to go by, what type of upholstery to get for the room, and many more.

5: Get a bedroom set for the room

When decorating the room, to make the whole decoration a bit easier, you can get the bedroom set that consists of the matching bed, cupboards or cabinets, side tables, and even a study table and chair, and so on. This reduces your time and effort in getting a different bed and then matching other things in the room in accordance with the bed or whatever furniture you got first. This makes the room look good with the matching furniture and a proper theme going in the room.


Get your teen together with you in this project and know all their likes and dislikes before starting with this project. Know what colors they like, how can you make the room represent them and how can you make them feel comfortable in their room. There are several factors you need to consider before you start with the remodeling or renovation of the room. You should look for some stunning new trends if your teen is on social media so that you can make their room look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful be in.

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