Ideal Fireplace to Warm Up Room

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The fireplace is a nice way to warm up the room. In the chilling winter evening, having a book and your favorite mug of coffee while, sitting next to the fireplace what more could a person ask for. However, this can be possible in the warmth of your home only if you have installed a fireplace. Today we will discuss some of the ideas you can admire and finally, choose a perfect place for it in your lovely home.


Beach Look Fireplace

To have a beach look in your living room go for this design. Firstly get some beach pebble title to cover the edges of the fireplace. Usually, it doesn’t take more than a dozen titles to cover the area although; we suggest you measure the width and height of your fireplace before going for predictions. As per a 12-inch surface, you will need around 8 tiles to cover all three corners. Since the transformation is majorly based on the title let’s focus on them. Mainly you need tiles that could reflect a beach view. Our beach look comprises of sea green or blue color with some pebble or sea shelf pattern on the title. Thus, you need to consider all the above before shopping tiles.


Some Modern Pattern

Covering the side along with some modern pattern style seems to be a simple yet great idea. Modernization has its drawbacks but mostly are the advantages, the technological developments are just amazing. The tiles world is also coming across it and so are the patterns. It takes around 34 square pattern tiles to cover the ¼’ area. There are some unimaginable patterns on tiles that look so fascinating. Go for these patterns along the edges and the floor as well. To distinguish the fireplace from the wall, you can apply a wooden piece on top of the tiles which will give a classy look.


Marble Slab

This is another modern look, there are so many types of marble available in the market. You know it is a strong rock sheet it has to be used with extreme caution. Before installing the marble you should be aware of the types of marble available. The tech-made marbles are called Italian marbles. These are so charming and eye-catching; it comes in so many interesting patterns. Explore the option before you go for the sheet at your home. I recommend you to go for granite. It is a little expensive but the looks are exceptional.


Natural Wooden Texture Tiles

This look is a mixture of vintage and modern. Cover the area from top to bottom of the fireplace with these tiles. You can choose from various colors that come with it such as the solid red color of brick or multi-colors. The solid royal blue color in this woody pattern goes well. The look appears as if you have placed some wooden blocks and painted them. Don’t try the literal idea of placing small wooden blocks and painting them, as your wood can catch fire easily and you don’t want unfortunate events to take place at your home. You may go for cemented brick instead and cover them with paint. Make sure you let the paint dry before lilting up the fire. Since painting is involved, place a rough cloth on the floor to prevent the floor from paint drops.


In-Built Fireplace on the Walls Edge.

The modern home comes in various styles one of which is the inbuilt fireplace in the wall at the side. This look is perfect when you have a wall separating your living room and dining room. The center wall could be cover with glass look tiles and glass covering for the fireplace. You can paint the wall separately on both sides using one with modern art, and another plain.

Note: This is the ideal setting for an electric fireplace, not an ethnic wooden base.

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