How to utilize your existing space in an innovative way?

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Using your space in its best capacity is an art and not everyone can do it the perfect way. If you are thinking of adding a vibe to your room by utilizing the existing space, then you need to tap each and every corner that was otherwise not being used. This is the place where all your items can be stacked and still look neat and tidy. Check out these ideas and make the utmost utility for your room.

Utilize the Corners

Whenever you are trying to make space for all your valuable as well as regular things, you must look for all those corners that will aid in this space utilization. Making your room look clean and tidy has a lot to do with creativity and if you ace this one, there is nothing like it. The trick is to analyze your room and then look for corners that can be used to fill your essentials. These corners don’t have to be dainty or too big. They should be of just the right size and length. This is because you are creating this corner for adding aesthetics to your room and to make space utilization. You are not doing it to make the area look even bulkier. So, for making a good corner space for your bedroom, get as creative as you want. Look for triangular or square-shaped alignments and racks that fit perfectly in that corner. These racks are a good pick for placing all your valuable things like accessories, hanging scarves, belts, and even your caps.

Install a wall shelf

Another thing that you can do to make your room look spacious is to install a wall shelf. This wall shelf will be the perfect place for all your storage items and will also add to the aesthetics of the room. If you run out of space in your closet, this wall shelf will help you with all your essentials. Look for a multi-level wall shelf that goes from the ceiling to the floor and thus, you will be able to stack different items together in one place. This is actually a functional shelf because you can divide your things into categories like most used to hardly used items. The ones that are on a priority can be kept at the eye level and the rest can be placed either on the lower shelves or on the shelves near the ceiling. It also makes the room look like a raw and creative place. Paint this shelf in a bright color for great home aesthetics.

Use a vanity for smaller items

As far as those items are concerned that can be placed in the open, shelving is a great option. But sometimes you might not be in a position to place some items openly because either they are too delicate or too small to be placed in such open displays. Now for that matter, you can use your vanity and place all your valuables in it. A vanity has multiple sections and cabinets which can be used for such delicate or small items like jewelry and other accessories. If you have a big vanity, half of your problem is already solved. All you need to do is add a drawer organizer now and differentiate amongst different items. This way you will be able to utilize the already-existing space in your room.

Stack your shoes above the closet

The next thing to do is rush through your mind and look for places where you can stack your shoes other than the storeroom. If you want to use your existing space in the best possible way, then this hack is going to help you the most. The space above your closet is just biting the dust and nothing else. If you clean it a bit, place a nice wrapping paper for a pretty look and then stack all your shoes there, won’t it be a nice idea? Well, it sure will be! What you need to understand is that while utilizing your existing space, you should look for the least used spaces. They are the ones that can be used to stack most of your items. You can even place your shopping bags there and let them hold all those things that don’t require much usage. One pro tip in this aspect is that you should store shoes with the right and left ones facing opposite directions.

Use a blank wall for hangings

Each one of us has at least one wasted wall in our rooms that can actually be used for a lot of purposes. But we do not use it just because we do not have that clarity of mind. But if you come to think of it, this blank wasted wall can actually be used for a lot of purposes. It can be used to stack all your hangings like scarves, belts, jewelry, necklines, etc. This is actually one of the most innovative ways to use this space in your room and also create a cute corner for yourself. A pretty and cute thing to do, this wall can be painted in a different color for the utmost appeal.

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