How to organize your closet space the apt way?

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If you are someone who ends up creating a pile of clothing in your closet every time, then this fool-proof step by step guide is for you. With our tips, you would be able to save on a lot of closet space and also make it look aesthetically pretty. If you are up for it, read on and welcome a new closet altogether for your gorgeous bedroom.

Firstly, declutter your clothes

The first thing to do when you are organizing your closet space is to detangle all your clothes. This is a usual habit of every person to just pile up all the clothes in the wardrobe. After taking off any article from the body, most of us tend to throw it right in the cupboard without even folding it the right way. Tossing every piece of clothing you own into a massive mountain is not a good practice. This piling up of clothes is the worst thing to do and thus, this habit must be shunned right away. To start organizing your closet shelf, you need to first declutter all your clothes by category. This means that you must separate all your bottoms, blouses, scarves, undergarments, and accessories from each other. Grouping together similar clothes will make it easy to spot them the next time you want them. Start with this and half of your problems will be solved.

Store by Category

As the name suggests, the next thing to do is to store all your like items together and place them categorically in the closet. The idea behind this concept is that the next time you will be looking for your bottoms, you won’t have to look through each and every type of clothing in your closet. Instead, just move your eyes towards that corner where all your bottoms are placed. This way you will be able to save a lot of time while going out. Last-minute plans call for an instant dressing up and about for the event and in that case, you can easily locate all your clothing types. Simply keep all your like items with like items. For instance, keep all your dresses together in one place and shorts in another. You can also differentiate further like midi and maxi dresses.

Hang all your delicates

Does this even need to be told? Because well, this is literally the first thing to do while organizing your clothes the apt way. If you do not do this already, then some of your delicates might be in trouble. All of us have different sets of clothing and some of them are more delicate and fancy than others. In such a case, you should separate them from each other and pay extra attention to sturdy clothes. All those apparel that involve delicate and intricate work like sequin, silk or even your lingerie sets with lace detailing must be kept separately. They must be placed on the hangers and let them be free from the rest of the closet. Use this technique and your closet will look more organized than ever!

Use Drawer organizers

Talking about the closet also involves the organization of the drawers. What you got to understand is that a closet is made of different sections and all of them need to be organized in order to make it look bigger and tidy. The trick is to use some sectional separates and techniques so that all your clothing, accessories and shoes and even your lingerie articles are divided and not cluttered together. This calls for drawer organizers. Drawer dividers are actually the key to getting a spacious wardrobe for yourself with a neat and tidy drawer. This will help you in saving time when you would be running errands. Simply roll your accessories like socks, lingerie, belts, etc, and place them in separate sections using a drawer organizer. One of the best ideas to add style as well as utility to your space!

Color coordination in everything

If you think you don’t have time to separate your clothing by category or even for drawer organizers, then the best thing to do is to separate all your articles by their color type. This is a tried and tested trick and us being used in almost every home nowadays. Since it is convenient, it is used by adults as well as children. The thing is to place all your similar color articles together in one place and say goodbye to all the possible hustle. If you place all your reds, blacks, blues, etc. together, at least you will have an idea of what is placed where. All you have to do is recall what colored garment you are looking for and it is done! This makes the closet look pretty and adds to the overall aesthetics too.

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