How To Organize Or Style Kitchen Counters?

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According to some people, these are the trickiest places to style as too much on them looks like clutter, and nothing on them looks so un-welcoming. Choosing what and how much should you load on your counters is the trick one must make themselves aware of. So, today we are bringing you the total Zen look kitchen that will inspire your cooking and bring some light.  We will lead on with, shelves wise decoration; therefore it will be easier for you to decorate smaller or bigger kitchen counters.

Counter No.1

If you have open cabinets then, you must equip it with utensils and not the pantry items. Why so, as all of us don’t regularly wash our storage boxes and we wash our utensils regularly. Therefore, when you store pantry material in items, it gathers dust over time increasing your cleaning work. Moreover, we don’t like to wash the storage boxes every month. However, if you place the regularly used utensils then, you remove them from the space and use them again and again frequently. Not letting the dust accumulate on it. You can store your plates, cups, bowls, tea makers, anything in this region. For the upper shelves, some art or plant can be done.

Counter No. 2

Stove counter, for this area you need to figure out the everyday usable object such as olive oil, pepper, and salt, sugar, oatmeal, etc whatever you use in cooking regularly. The cutlery holder is a must-have next to the stove to make it functional. You can invest in some stainless steel holders for better sustenance. You really need to think about the items, you use for cooking.  Get a tray and some storage jars a plain glass always looks the best. You must not get anything complicated to clean for this area as sometimes there can be cooking splashes here and there. These will increase your cleaning time if the item is decorative. Keep it simple with ceramic or marble. Make sure you have placed everything on the tray not laid out on the counter.

Counter No. 3

Next to the sink, this counter is all about maintaining the hygiene of the kitchen. In order to maintain hygiene, you need dish soap, handwash, a brush, and a towel. Now to take some extra care of your hands you can keep some moisturizers in this corner as well. Get a soap container from the bathroom section of the store, you can find a set of two or three bottles in here. Purchase them and fill each with your desired liquid. One bottle with a dishwasher another with hand wash, and the last one with moisturizer. You can label them with paper stickers and cover them with tape so they don’t come out. Now some people like to keep their kitchen towel hung up half in the sink, you can do that, but if you can get a towel hanging rod and place in one on the lower cabinet that would be much better.

Counter No. 4

It’s basically the corners of your kitchen. Now, in order to have those neat and clean corners, you need to add some round cake holder or a fruit basket with a stand. Some visible vegetables not only add color to the kitchen but also give it a live feeling. So you can use it to store your vegetable which doesn’t get spoil when kept in open such as bananas, potatoes, onions, etc. Nearby you can place your coffee maker of the dough maker if you are into frequent baking.

Mail Corner

If you are someone who likes to pile up their mails in the kitchen, then you can add a tray in the open corner of the shelf and decorate it with some mail holders. You can also place some candles in here and add some of your recipe books.  Finally adding some plants, depending upon the space, you can add a big plant holder that has proper sunlight for herbs to survive.

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