How to create a country style look for your home

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There is something about country living that appeals to each one of us. Life seems to be a bit simpler, and the mind seems to be relaxed when you live away from the busy city life. Though it is not possible for everyone to do so, then why not give a country feel to your home itself by making some changes here and there. Just opt for a theme that looks chilled-out and has a rustic vibe to it. Think simple, light, and bright, then personalize the look by adding your own pieces. We have given some of the ideas through which can give a country feel to your home.

Use Natural Elements

Why does anyone choose to live in the countryside? The foremost reason that comes to mind is the natural beauty that the place offers a person. It soothes and relaxes the mind like no other way. So in order to build a home by incorporating natural elements into it, you should go in some things that are close to nature. Do so by using materials like 100% top grain leather, reclaimed woods, rattan, jute. They will bring out that calm effect and add to the textural beauty of the place. You can also add other hallmarks of country style living like rustic wood benches, exposed beams, and wicker baskets.

Add Animal Accessories

As everyone knows that country living is all about loving nature, so how can we exclude its most important living element, the animals. As one thinks of the countryside, the story of Old MacDonald’s surely comes to our mind. It often includes taking care of farm animals such as cows, horses, pigs, goats, etc. Of course, you won’t have enough space to keep them at your home, but you can create a feeling of it, by having art and country decor at your place. Just buy some figurines and dedicate a special corner for them in your home.

Find Industrial Designs

As country style living is similar to that of farmhouse style of living, similarly, industrial style living also shares some resemblance to the country style. Put up the classic evergreen combination of metal and wood that would work in the best way to have a country-inspired decor. It is the perfect way to have a timeless look for your sweet home. Drop-in some appropriate items like metal-plate signage, vintage furnishings, and antique artwork.

Embrace Earth Tones and Floral Patterns

Instill an atmosphere that looks earthy and airy as it complements the natural elements you are trying to bring to your home. Apart from using natural materials and textures, opt for a color palette that reflects the land- browns, greens, oranges, whites. It helps you to create a cozy, welcoming vibe that brings out the feeling of instant country hospitality.

Another awesome way to make your home look fresh and airy is to mute in the floral patterns. Add it on the coverings on the walls, in the upholstery on the furnishings or in the china on the dinner table.

Incorporate Farmhouse Furnishings

As farmhouse style and country style living are quite similar to each other, you can always infuse some farmhouse-inspired decor in your house to create a country-style look. Add the old world charm to your place by having a traditional metal bed. It looks turdy, neutral, and streamlined, perfect for the look we are thought of creating. Just add any wood design you can think of.

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