How to beautify a big, sunny window

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There is always a need to have a bright window from where you can enjoy the warm sunlight cascading the indoors. A warm sunny window is a must and you should always check when you are buying a house or renting a space to look that there are some windows so that you can get some fresh air and warmth from the sun. After having a window the next step is to know what to do with the window. Just leaving it as it is, makes the place dull and boring. You need to do something with the windows to make the area look good and cozy.

There are several ideas you can use to make the area around the window look better and make the surroundings look cozy and comfortable. Some of them are listed below.

Create a small plant gallery

If you have a sunny window then it is an ideal spot for your indoor plants. You can get all the indoor plants you have and make a proper plant gallery in your house. This way your plants will get adequate sunlight and you can have some freshness and vibrance in the room. You can place some pots on the ground and can hang some small pots. This way the place is utilized and you can even get fresh air and sunlight from the window and even from the plants making the area all together better.

Resting area for your pets

If you have some or any pet and you want to create some space for them then you can arrange that here in front of a sunny window. There is no one who does not like some fresh air and some warmth from the sun. You can put their bed and their toys there so that they can enjoy their time and get proper rest. You can get some playing area for your cats such as some baskets or some play area around the window for them to be comfortable.

Make your workspace near the window

A lot of people prefer to work from home now and are comfortable in working in their space. For that, you need to have a proper workstation where you can work and be cozy at the same time. You can install your workstation near the big, sunny window where you can get enough light to get working and enough fresh air and warmth to keep you cozy and comfortable. You can look for some workstation ideas as to how you can put it near a window and make the area comfortable and relaxed.

Create a cozy resting area

Do you wish to have an area in the house where you can relax and be at ease? An area where you can just spend some alone time. If yes, then this is your answer. If you have a big window then you can add some sitting arrangements there such as a couch, chairs, just some mattresses, or even some floor pillows. You can add some bookshelf there and make the area your reading area where you can sit by the window, enjoy the outside view and read your favorite book. This way you can have a sweet, little corner all to yourself.

Add some colors around the window

A plain window might look dull and boring and that can make the place look dull and boring. To make the surroundings and the windows look interesting, you need to add some pop of colors to the place. You can do so by getting some colorful and vibrant curtains for your windows or you can paint the wall of the window with some dark shade to enhance the contrast and make the window look brighter. If you are looking for just some pop of color and not too much then you can paint the window sill with some colors and you got a look.





Now you know some of the ways that can be used to decorate the windows and make the sunny windows look absolutely stunning and make the room cozy and warm with the decorations. These are some of the ideas you can use. You can get creative and use other ideas to make the place look stunning. Windows provide air and sunlight which makes the place spacious and better.

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