How to add a touch of personal charm to your space?

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What could be better than amplifying your own space with a personal touch so that you feel like you are living in the utmost luxury? This is the best way to make your house look vibrant and full of aesthetics. And if we had to pick a few things here and there to make this concept useful, it would involve vivid colors, some vintage pieces as well as greenery for your outer and inner space. There are literally so many ways to do this and that is why you must pick the most flattering ways to do so! Check out the different ideas that we have curated for you and make sure you use them right away!

Add a reading corner

Now, this is the most flattering part of adding a sense of personal touch to your home but this is also a bit tricky. Here you can only add those aesthetics that go with the look of the house. And that is why we have picked a reading corner because this is something that can never fail to cast its magic on anyone. Unless there is someone who literally hates books. The idea is to add a favorite habit of yours as a part of your living area in one corner. This one works best because it adds to the overall vibe of the house. You can always place a pile of pillows on a rug and set a tiny coffee table on the side for the perfect looks! This one is all about creativity so let it come out in the best way possible.

Add a statement wall

Another way to add character to your space is by adding a statement wall to your space. This statement wall is nothing but a blend of different colors, fancy paintings or commendable artwork on a wall. This can be curated easily at home with simple DIY methods and can also be designed by a professional. The basic idea is to make one of your walls look distinct from the other and the only way to do is by having a pattern made on the wall. With this wall, you are not only able to add vibrancy to the overall space but also add a bold character to the walls. With these features, this space looks more warming and welcoming.

Pick vintage furniture from different eras

This means that you should always add a touch of old things to your space because the kind of charm they have is absolutely matchless. There is no way that you can get away unnoticed with this kind of addition to your space. So, is you ask us, we would recommend picking different kinds of vintage furniture from different periods and placing them in your drawing-room. You can also go for a mix and match of furniture and curate different corners for a different feel. Many people are so obsessed with vintage furniture that they do not add contemporary designs to their space anymore. They feel comfortable in this kind of designing and we salute that!

Different light sources

Lighting is imperative for every space and if you are talking about your living room, drawing room, and even your bathroom, then having appropriate illumination is a must. Apart from ambient lighting, you must go for an accent as well as pendant lighting in order to make your space look warm and welcoming. The type of lighting you add to your space has the potential to reflect your mood and that is why different sources of light should be added to amp your mood at every point of time in the day.  A mix of table lamps, track lights, and pendant lights will be a great option.

Have different seating areas

The best way to upgrade the look of your space is to add different seating areas in your house. The trick is to make your house look bigger and this one actually works! With multiple seating areas in every corner of the house, it gives an illusion of a bigger space and also looks like you have customized them. Different seating areas reflect different moods and thus anyone coming to your house can choose their kind of vibe. Looking for a warm corner? Pick the window seating. Looking for a vibrant corner? Pick the corner where books are. Simple as that!

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