How to ace the bohemian decor style in your home?

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How exactly would you picture a bohemian designed space? Maybe a space that is a melting pot of culture, interesting items and eclectic vibes that add vivacious energy into the house. Bohemian decor style has come a long way. It’s no longer only about mixing all different colors, patterns, and textures but it works beyond that. A bohemian space embraces all relaxed, unusual and carefree elements that work amazingly for the overall aesthetic of the room. To all the people who believe in living the most unconventional and artistic life, bohemian decor style is the true calling for your home. The bohemian decor adds a certain amount of richness and visual interest to the space along with a relaxed spirit. But it requires some serious art to pull off the bohemian decor style in your space. And to make sure that you nail the bohemian style in your home, don’t forget to go through this article that will be guiding you through ways on how to incorporate boho elements into your space rightly.


Bohemian colors

Warm earthy tones are the most common bohemian colors you can use in your space and so are metallic and jewel tones. There’s no such rule concerning the bohemian color palette. You can choose to keep the base of your decor neutral, think of pretty greens, deep browns, and grays which you can further accessorize with bright tones such as situated purple, electric blue, and deep orange. Basically, it’s the combination and mixture of colors that sets this decor style apart and unique. Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements that wouldn’t necessarily blend well in a conventional way and you can always play with different textures and patterns from all around the world. You can hang a rug or even tapestries for that matter, as your wall art. A little hint of white as your backdrop will work well against dark, saturated rich colors.


Decor elements

Contrary to minimalist home style which embraces the theory of ‘less is more’, bohemian decor style doesn’t quite follow the same. Instead, it believes in adding more and more elements. The key to acing bohemian decor is mixing and matching different colors, textures, and patterns. Some natural and basic materials like sisal and burlap in combination with silk and chenille will make for great decorative accents in the room. All the elements incorporated into the space should have a worn-out look (they don’t have to be damaged, just slightly worn off) so that they neither look new nor too shiny. Adding canopies over the bed and your living room will work like charm for your space. As for pillows, curtains and throw rugs, you can look for them in crochet, fringe, and macrame material. They will help to add certain coziness and depth to the room.



The best thing and possibly the worst thing about bohemian decor style is its furniture. Best because you won’t have to make a new purchase for the furniture, some second hand and vintage pieces will do the trick and worst because you won’t be able to find them quite easily on the stores as all the furniture items used in this decor style should either be vintage or second hand. It would be great if you already have some vintage furniture pieces at your home. Look for furniture pieces that have a very comfortable and relaxed vibe to them such as day beds, butterfly chairs, chaises lounges, etc. Bohemian decor should have a laid-back, streamlined and welcoming feel to it. Added elements like throw rugs and overstuffed seating pillows will create an inviting atmosphere in the space. Look for plush chairs and sofas in saturated colors to set the vibe right in the room.


Lighting and accessories

The lighting in the bohemian space should be very ambient and understated. They will help to make the room look cohesive whilst also maintaining the calm vibe and welcoming feel in the room. You can use floor and table lamps, candles, lanterns as lighting rather than using light fixtures which don’t really go well with this decor style. Bohemian decor is all about embracing natural accents and bringing outdoors to the inside such as green plants which can add so much life inside your space. Not only plants help to add colors and textures to the room but they also improve the air quality which is a win-win. Accessorize the space with family heirlooms, handmade items, and objects that you collected from all your travels as finishing touch. Just make sure that all the items you have added into the space are telling a story.

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