Furnish Your Home With The Help Of Mirrors

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Mirrors are such pretty objects to be incorporated in the home decor. These shiny objects not only look attractive but add so much of glamour to a house setting. Moreover, you can just add these to every room space, big or small. These will do all, the subtle and glam work for your rooms. However, before you add these to your rooms, we need to observe the surroundings and find the best way to place these. Thus, we come to play. Today we will be discussing the best and effective methods of adding mirrors into your room. The following are the tips.


If you have an entryway then you must have added some plants and a console table to this area, just to maintain the freshness. Most of us decorate the console table with the help of candle stands or lamps or plants. These three are the most common form of decoration but if you place a mirror just above this console table in the entryway. The image reflecting in the mirror will pretend the room to be a little bigger than it is. This will be your check out point before your leave home for work as well as after you have come home. This even looks cool, when you have guests over and they get a chance to admire themselves in this mirror with a glance.


It has been a trend of maintaining the headboard wall or accent wall in a different manner than the rest three walls of the room. So people have been going for wallpapers, textures, woodwork, etc but rarely do we have the mirror decor on the wall. We inspire you to be something different and get a mirror on the accent wall. Go for the sunshine mirror. A mirror in the center with sunray spreading across in multiple sizes.  It will give huge coverage to the wall. If you don’t want to invest much then buy some golden sticky sheets and a gold frame circle mirror. Place the mirror in the center of the bed headboard, cut various rays from the sheet, and paste it along. This will be your DIY.

Dressing Room

If you are into vintage decor then vintage mirror looks so chic and elegant pieces. Mostly we have wooden crafted frames in the vintage look. You can always stain the wood and make it more attractive. Adding a silver or gold frame big size mirror looks moderns. Similarly, you can do some DIY with a mirror if you get a plain mirror and small frameworks, which can be arranged next to the mirror on your own. Adding a vanity mirror to the dresser is a must.


Having a morning peek in the bathroom mirror is done by most of us. Thus keeping a magnifying glass and a normal mirror frame is a must-have. If your bathroom has a glass division between the seat and the bathing area, then adding two mirrors will bring a new freshness to the area. Already glass makes the place look spacious now if we place two mirrors in similar shape. Like the magnifying mirror and the normal mirror in one shape. We usually find a magnifying mirror in two shapes square and circle thus; you can get the back bigger mirror in a similar shape.

 Tips to Keep In-Mind While Placing Mirror at home

  • Never place a mirror opposite the window, the natural light will affect the image forming on the mirror.
  • Choose an adequate size mirror, big mirror look great on the wall with a higher ceiling.
  • While decorating walls with mirrors don’t add on anything along with the mirror this will over go decor.
  • Adding a small side mirror with a scented candle gives a calm vibe.
  • Having a mirror reflecting jar in the dining areas looks chic and hides the stored ingredient.

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