Furnish your Bedroom with these inspirational ideas

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When you think of creating a bedroom of your dreams, you need to take care of everything, from your bed, nightstands, chest, dressers to accent pieces to create a functional space for yourself. It is your personal getaway that reflects your personality, so it should look classy and up to the mark. Layer in different accessories from rugs, pillows, and lamps that help you to create an edgy look and translate your style. Establish a vibe you want by using the apt kind of things. Make it light and calming or bright and energizing, whatever suits your taste.

Choose a Bed frame 

There are a vast number and variety of bed styles you can choose from. We have given some of the most popular and best options from which you can choose while designing your bedroom.

Panel Beds- This type of bed frame has supports at its centre apart from the headboard and footboard connected by side rails. It generally requires a box spring.

Storage Beds- This bed is very functional for your space. You can choose this if you have space constraints and cannot put up nightstand, dresser or chest in your bedroom. It comes in a design in which the drawers are built into the base, making it capable of storing your clothes, pillows, blankets and much more.

Upholstered Beds- If you want to add extra softness to your bed, this can be your go-to option. It also helps in adding to the decor element of your bedroom. This type of bed frame is covered in fabric from headboard to footboard.

Bedroom Storage Pieces

All your clothing and accessories need a place to rest in your room. So you need to create room to store them properly. It depends on how much space you have and what kind of accessories you keep in your bedroom.

Chest of Drawers- They are generally tall and slim storage pieces that include three to seven drawers. It comes in a range of designs from sliding door chests to media chests with open shelves to bachelor’s chests that are comparatively shorter in length.

Nightstands- They are the storage pieces that are meant to be accessed from your bed and has the same height as your mattress. It holds your bedside essentials such as your phone, water bottle, lamp or anything that is useful.

Dressers- These are generally lower and wider than the chest of drawers and include around six or more drawers. Dressers can also be used to display decorative items apart from storage purposes, reflecting their versatility.

Bedroom Accent Pieces

Make a statement by adding an accent piece to your space.

Benches- It can act as the perfect resting place when placed at the side of your bed. It comes in various designs that help you in creating extra storage for your throws, pillows and extra essentials. Take a seat, check your phone, put your shoes on or take a moment to relax. Use it as per your convenience. Try to keep its length around three-quarters the length of your bed.

Desks- Do some creativity in your bedroom by having a separate space dedicated to a desk. Choose anything from clean, minimal designs to something with heavy storage space.

Bedroom Accessories

They are one of the essential items when it comes to completing the look of your bedroom.

Rugs- Choose a warm rug depending upon the size of your bed. These are essential if you have hard floors in your room for a soft landing when you wake up in the morning.

Mirrors- They come in a variety of sizes and designs. Choose one that matches the style of your room.

Wall Decor- It helps in transforming your space that reflects you and your style.

Lamps- Have ambient lighting to set in a different kind of mood for your place.

Pillows- You can never complete the look of your bedroom without them.

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