Follow these tips to organize your home beautifully

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Whenever you undertake the task of getting out all the waste from your house and make it lush and clean, do it step by step. The best way is to tackle this humungous task in different stages, focus on a single room at a time, and then only on one space. It will help you to avoid any kind of mess and confusion. Imagine what will be the condition of your house if you take out all the things at once? It will look like some kind of tornado has hit your house. I am sure you would never want to do that. So below, we have mentioned the steps you need to follow to make your space chic and clean.

1. First comes the Bathroom

Start with your cabinet drawers. Take everything out and do a thorough evaluation of what you want to keep and what you want to toss out of the space. Then nicely put all the things relevant to you in according with their appropriate usage into the drawers. Start with the top drawer by keeping the items that you use daily into it and then likewise go to the next one step by step.

Next comes the medicine cabinet. After you take out all the medications, skincare and makeup products, discard the outdated ones and then immediately put everything back into the cabinet. Store them in a way that everything is visible to you at the eye level, most importantly, those items you often use. Do the same with your shower/tub area.

2. Now the turn of your Closet

Probably the trickiest area when it comes to cleaning the house. But don’t worry, we are going to help you out with this daunting task. Start by decluttering your clothing according to different types. We mean to say separate your shoes, boots, dresses, denim, etc. to avoid a mess.

It will be much easier for you to decide then which clothing item you should keep and which one to discard. Start doing this, and you will surely make enough space for your closet to organize everything else. Make sure you keep everything in its place like if one of your pairs of socks was lying haywire in the closet, place it at the dedicated space. Put the dirty laundry into a separate basket, and anything that needs to be repaired should go to the tailor or dry cleaner.

3. The Most Important Area, Kitchen

One of the challenges to keep your house clean and up-to-date is to keep your kitchen decluttered. There are so many activities to do there- cooking, eating, and socializing. Of course, it requires some kind of daily cleaning and maintenance. An endless amount of items are kept in a kitchen to fulfill the tasks of its sole purpose. So start to clean it by focusing on one category at a time or by going through different zones of the place. Start with the powerhouse storage and then move to the lower cabinets, drawers, and the sink area. Then concentrate on the countertops and keep as many things you can into the storage boxes. Just keep the most important items on the top of the counter.

4. Clean your Living Room regularly

It is the hardest place to clean every day. You use it every single time you need to relax, or when your guests come over. It gets a lot of use, and it doesn’t have much storage facility. So decide on permanent storage spaces for items such as magazines, remote controls, and books. Declutter it regularly and put everything in place. Start with bookcases, console, side tables, and then move to your coffee table. Next comes the turn of electronics and then lastly the toys. Pay attention to every detail to make the place more inviting.

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