Fancy ways to add metallic accent into your bedroom

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A little bit of bling here and there can take the decor game of your bedroom to a top-notch level. And as we speak of bling, there can be no better way to add these luxe, glamorous and illuminating elements into the bedroom than incorporating some metallic accents. A little bit of a metallic accent into the room goes a long way. Adding such accents into your room can benefit any decorating style. Depending on how much bling you want in your bedroom, you can look for ways that can help your vision turn into reality. From adding a little bit of metal to covering the walls of your room in a gold accent, there are so many wondrous ways to incorporate metallic accents rightly and smartly into the bedroom.

To help you decorate your bedroom with metallics, we have listed some ingenious ideas that will tell you how to play with metallic accents the right way.


Metallic wallpaper

To create a dramatic, extra glam and luxurious look into your bedroom, you can rely on metallic wallpaper to do the trick for you. How dramatic you want to make things look in the bedroom is your choice, you can either cover every inch of wall in a metallic wallpaper or you can choose to play a little safe by adding the wallpaper to just one wall and i.e. an accent wall. The wallpaper may look a little dramatic but it definitely doesn’t look overpowering. From experimenting with mixed metals to choosing single metal wallpaper, both the options would look equally gorgeous and lovely.


Copper bed

A copper bed in your bedroom could easily be the hero of your room. The bed might look a little simple, but its bright, glamorous appearance can let you have that luxe and royal feel into the bedroom. You can incorporate other metallic accents such as drawer knobs, pulls, handle in the same finish to make things look more cohesive and nicely tied together. This glamorously designed bedroom can be the most minimalistic way to incorporate metallic accent into the space.


Gold curtains

Gold curtains can add an infinite exotic charm to even the most mundane and typical bedrooms. Such curtains exude a very Moroccan vibe which can be great for people who are trying to recreate this decor style into their bedrooms. If gold curtains are a little too much for your taste then you can also opt for curtains in neutral base with gold metallic design on them. We certainly don’t think that there can be any other fancy way to treat the windows of your bedroom.


Silver headboard

To give your bedroom a more glamorous touch in the simplest way, silver accents can possibly be your safest bet. A silver tufted headboard can be a great choice to consider and this can help in mixing the contemporary decor style with hints of retro drama into your bedroom. Keep the silver accent to a minimum; pale silver would work wonderfully for the space without overpowering the whole room with its super bright or blingy appearance. By adding an oversized upholstered silver headboard, you would be adding a sense of luxury as well as elegance to your bedroom.


Gold bedding

Having a bedroom that feels like royalty just feels like a dream, no? Well, you absolutely can turn your dream into reality by changing your bedding. Yes, there’s a way you can make your bedroom feel grand and charming. Follow a gold color palette for your bedding; including the sheets as well as a comforter. You can keep things from going overboard or looking too dramatic by adding some neutral elements in the room like a cream-colored bed. Doing so will keep things in balance and will also make sure that the bedroom doesn’t look garish.

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