Fancy Tiles to revamp the walls of your kitchen space

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The kitchen area is as prominent as other areas of the house. It is also an area of work and that too, a significant one. If there is something that you should do to add vibrancy to this space, then it would be fancy walls. Walls literally speak everything about your space and that is why they must be styled with aesthetics. The best way to add warmth and character to the walls is to change the tiles, add a distinct color palette or add some accessories here and there. So, we have listed the best ideas for adding vibrancy to the walls of your kitchen. Check them out and design your house!

Striped Tiles

The best way to revamp the look of your kitchen is to change the tiles as the foremost thing. The thing is that when you look at your kitchen, you should feel connected to it because it is your area of work. Just like other areas of the house, this one also needs to be decorated the right way. So, the perfect way to change the look of this area is to install tiles in different patterns. And if you ask us, we would say pick striped tiles for your kitchen area. This way, you are able to give an elongated look to your space and make way for a quirky statement. If you are thinking of the color palette that needs to be picked, it will be anything that matches the vibe of your house. The theme or the color of the countertop must be paid attention to when it comes to tiles. Also, stripes add character to the area too.

Chevron Pattern Tiles

One of the most unique ways to add vibrancy to your space is to pick Chevron tiles for your kitchen space. They are very unique in designing and that’s what makes them stand out from the rest of the lot. Kitchen walls are usually painted in the mainstream color and that is where we lack aesthetics. Why is it necessary to keep the kitchen area mainstream when the rest of the house looks pretty? So, if you want to revamp your space, then chevron tiles are the best option to make any space look much brighter and stylish. Choose a tone that matches the shade of your tabletop and then install these tiles. The best thing bout chevron tiles is that they are asymmetrical and are displayed in a diagonal form. This refreshing design immediately amps up the mood and looks very interesting and creative.

Mirrored Tiles

The sole reason why mirror tiles are picked for your kitchen space is that they increase the light in the room tenfold and make sure that the entire area brightens up. This is the most natural feature that you can add to your kitchen space. Everything and anything that you do, this mirror tile will always be the best thing for your space. If you are thinking of inculcating a brightened up look for your space, then mirror tiles would be the best option. With back and forth reflection, mirrors make sure that your kitchen looks like a disco ball area. This kitchen is literally the most modish and contemporary design you will ever see. Theme it with light colors so that it does not look too much. Place them near the countertops and not too much over the wall.

Penny Tiles

Another striking style in tiles! If you love the idea of adding tiles to your wall space, then these penny tiles will be your savior every time. The best feature of these penny tiles is in the name. They are petite with intricate details and look super pretty. They can be picked in multiple colors and can upgrade the entire space just like that. Small blocks in round, squares or hexagon forms-together make up the penny tiles and that is why we love them. How small things amp up the entire space- you can see through these tiles. Most commonly used in bathrooms, penny tiles can also make the best choice for a striking kitchen backsplash. The glossy finish is totally worth it!

Pro tip:

Sky High tiles

Another way to add character to the entire kitchen is to run up your tiles up to the ceiling. This way you can not only save yourself from repainting the kitchen every time but also add vibrancy to your space. Sky-high tiles can be picked in any style from the above and thus, can be used for a formal and sophisticated look.

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