Fabulous ways to make rental space feel homier

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Whether it’s your first time shifting to a rental space or the nth time, moving to a different place feels really exciting but a little intimidating as well. But along with that comes the responsibility of making that space feel more homey and comfy for your own sake. Because it’s extremely difficult to adapt yourself to a space that doesn’t feel like you, sometimes, no matter, even if the house or the apartment comes with all the basic and required elements, it just fails to feel like home, and that thing can be pretty stressful. One consequence of having a rental space is you cannot do much when it comes to decorating the space. Every property or rental manager has a certain set of rules that one need to abide by, which also includes the decoration part, primarily the paint color. While they can keep you from painting the space as per your liking, but thankfully, there are so many other elements that can help to bring your space together. We have rounded up a list of 4 different ways that are extremely practical and will help to make you feel like you own the rental space.

Bring some life with plants.

Plants are the best way to add some life, colors, and energy to a dull and boring space. Adding them to space instantly makes a big difference in the way it appears. They basically act as a great decorative piece that can easily liven up space and give it a very comforting feel. You can either add live plants or a faux plant, that’s totally your choice. You can get some seasonal plants that you will easily be able to find at the local nursery or even at the stores. Some potted and hanging plants will not only add some life to space but will also make it look aesthetically more appealing. You can add them to the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even in the bathroom for maximum effect.

Create a gallery wall

There’s something about a gallery wall that instantly attracts all the attention in the space. It is not only a fun and creative way to plan and put things together, but it is also a perfect way to display all your art and picture collection. This way of decorating walls goes a long way and is also an effective solution to keep the walls occupied in the most aesthetic and tactful way. Whether you are displaying your art or just a random picture, print, or pattern, one thing is for certain that your guests be left awestruck with an array of things displayed on the wall.

Replace the lighting fixtures

Many of us believe that just changing the lighting fixture won’t make a big difference in the way any space appears, and we are here to burst that bubble of yours because lighting does matter when it comes to creating a perfect environment and ambiance. You can start by picking the right floor lamps as they help in making the house appear more spacious and inviting as well. It is a perfect opportunity for you to add a personal touch to your space, and another great thing about investing in good lights is you can take them with you whenever you plan to shift to some other place.

Add colorful curtains

Another amazing way to incorporate colors to your house is by adding them in the form of vivid and flamboyant curtains. They help in bringing some drama and pop of colors to the otherwise plain and mundane living room. Some bright and cheerful colors like shades of pink, blue, and even yellow for that matter will feel like a breath of fresh air in the living room, making it feel a lot homier and cozy.

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