Elements to Add in Japandi Decor Style

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Japandi style is a beautiful mix between two very subtle and sweet decor styles, mainly Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian. These two styles work on using natural elements, functionality, comfort, and simplicity. All these together make one design known as Japandi. This design is a mix of both and is rather new that these two. You would see a lot of natural elements here along with a light color palette and space and bright light. This style looks for minimalistic elements and things that work well together aesthetically. This style pays attention to quality over quantity and thus only uses good quality products, things that are sustainable and that are cam and subtle.

Additions to the Japandi Decor Style

1: Ceramic Stuff

When you are decorating this style you can get a lot of ceramic items. You can go for ceramic vases or pots in which you can keep things such as flowers or leaves. You can go after ceramic structures and sculptures that would be used as a decor element. These ceramic items provide a nice decor element in the house along with the right colors such as cream or beige.

Ceramic Stuff

2: Use of Rugs

To add more color and warmth to the place, you can use some good-quality rugs. These rugs add to the depth and serene environment of the room and make the area cozier and better. You can use a soft and fluffy rug with a nice and sophisticated design which would go well with the theme. You can go for the patterns such as lines and geometrical shapes or can go for some patterns that would work well with this style. This adds a new layer to the room and makes it more pleasant.

Use of Rugs

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3: Dry Flower Stalks

This is a simple and subtle decor style that can be decorated with the help of some nice dried flowers and dried grass such as pampas. You can have these dried flowers and dried pampas and put them in the ceramic vases that you got for the decor and add them to the place. This dried flora matches the color theme of the room which is light and neutral and adds more to the aesthetic of the place. You can use them and decorate the corner of the room, over the cabinet, console table, or dining table.

Dry Flower Stalks

4: Straight Lines

This decor uses straight lines when it comes to decoration. For example, when it comes to decorations such as furniture, tables, side tables, ottomans, shelves, doors, windows, and rugs, everything in the room, has to be straight lines and not curved. There is a lot of use of this and this creates a uniform look that is calming and serene. This is easy to adorn and maintain.

Straight Lines

5: Pale Wooden Accents

Natural elements are used in this simple and subtle decor style and if you are looking for ways to add wooden accents to the room, you can do that with the help of pale wood. You need to use wood that is light in color and use those wooden accents to decorate the space. This adds to the neural and light-colored theme and helps in creating a comfortable Japandi room decor. There are several areas where you can use these wooden accents and work with them in the space.

Pale Wooden Accents

You can get some more inspiration from the Japanese minimalist style and also the Scandinavian style and work on the elements that you can add to the house. This style is all about being comfortable and at the same minimalistic. You need to get the things that you need in the house and decorate them in a good manner. If you are looking for bright colors and want to incorporate them into your decor, then you need to look for some subtle way to do so. This is a soothing decor style that would add beauty to your place. If you are someone who likes minimal and calm surroundings with simple and neutral colors around then this is the style for you.

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