Elements in Spanish-Influenced Houses

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If you are going to renovate your house and are looking for ways to create a Spanish-style house you need to look for the elements that are important in these houses and then add them to your house. To create a Spanish-style inspired house you not only need to decorate the area inside the house but also decorate the outer area that is the exterior of the house. You need to build one in such a manner that it represents the theme and style you are going after. Thus it is important to select the right kind of style when you are building or renovating a house. These houses are stunning and stand out from the crowd because of how well they are styled and maintained. You need to look for the elements that you can add to the exterior of the house to get this style.

Components in Spanish-Inspired Homes

1: Iron Accents

Spanish style is influenced by a lot of iron accents and thus they are used on the exterior as well as the interior of the house. You can use iron accents on the balconies, windows, lawn doors, steps, and so many other places in the house. You can even use them in the exterior light fixtures and decorate the place with them. Paint them in black and see the enhanced look. Iron accents as used a lot in this style.

Iron Accents

2: Greenery

Spanish-style houses have a lot of greenery around the place and a lot of landscaping down around. If you are looking for ways to make your house Spanish-style then you need to get lots of plants and create a wonderful lawn in the backyard. These are covered with greenery all wound in the form of grass, vines, flowers, plants, trees, and other things that would make the house look stunning and like a paradise.


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3: Stunning Tiles

You have to use a good amount of tile outside and inside the house to change the look and create a Spanish theme in the house. You can use tiles on different parts of the house such as using them on the walls of the house or using them on the floor. You can also use them when you are creating a sitting area and also when you can create a bonfire. There are so many different kinds of tiles that you can use to have a Spanish vibe to the place. Try to use the stone finish tile to have a more authentic vibe to the house.

Stunning Tiles
4: Terracotta Accents

Terracotta is a must when it comes to decorating the house in Spanish style. You can use terracotta in various ways around the house. You can get terracotta pots and vases and place them in different areas around the house and decorate the place with them. You can also plant some stunning indoor plants and trees to keep these terracotta pots inside the house or can plant the famous bougainvillea in it and decorate the outside of the house.

Terracotta Accents

5: A Pool or Bonfire

It is a must to have a laid-back environment and a nice cozy architecture that would bring the people close to each other. You can create a pool or a bonfire in the backyard so that you get to have an area in the house where the whole family could be together and enjoy the fresh air. You can go with some other idea that would bring the vacation and laid back to the house and that would be a great area to sit together and enjoy.

A Pool or Bonfire

These elements make the house so special and beautiful. You need to give the exterior of the house the same importance as you give to the interior of the house. This is the only way that you can create a wonderful house with a style and personality to it. There are other elements that you can use to decorate the house and to make the house look great both from the outside and inside. You need to work with these things and use them in the right manner to create a wonderful space. You can add some classic architectural ideas as well.

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