Elegant ways of incorporating colors into a bland bathroom

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A bathroom is that space in the house that is often neglected of colors and is mostly followed with a neutral color palette. We understand minimalism might be your aesthetic and style but keeping everything bland may seem too boring sometimes. Much like any other space, the bathroom can also use some colors to make everything look balanced out and more lively and energetic. The neutral color palette is definitely the most used and preferred style but you can also take your space on another level by incorporating a few colors into it. However, decorating your bathroom is all about keeping a balance and right capitalization of every corner of the space because sometimes too much color can make the bathroom lose out on its tranquility and little colors can easily get unnoticed. Which is why it’s important to maintain a balance and make things work out very carefully. To give you some ideas and inspirations, we have listed some elegant ways of incorporating colors into the bathroom space.

Play with some accessories

Adding some accessories definitely helps a lot in bringing the whole space together but it can also be used to incorporate some fun and colorful elements to the bathroom space. Some accessories such as bold and bright towels, colorful rugs, fun and beautiful artwork, pretty flowers and many other colorful accessories will perfectly do the job for you. And the best thing is you can have so many colors and options to choose from, just go with the one that looks fun and bold.

Paint the walls

Painting the walls is the most practical as well as the easiest and affordable way of bringing color to the bathroom space. This will help you in adding a pop of color in it which will bring some energy and liveliness to the space. With everything being neutral in there, painting the walls of the bathroom will bring in the needed change and make it appear more fun and trendy. You can for a bright and vibrant color as per your preference.

Accent wall

If you don’t want to paint the entire walls of the bathroom then this may be the best option for you. Adding an accent wall to the space helps in adding a very fun and stylish element to it. The key to acing this perfectly is to choose the right wall for its application. Choose a wall that you want to be the focal point in your bathroom or the wall that is directly across the door.


Paint isn’t the only thing that you can do to your bathroom. There’s another great option and that is using colorful tiles. Gone are the days where tiles used to be really plain and boring. Today, tiles come in every possible option. From different materials and sizes to different colors and designs. You can find a whole range of variety to choose from. You can easily make the walls and flooring the focal point of the bathroom by using colorful tiles in it. Or you can also choose to make it a backdrop of your vanity.

Add a dash of greenery

And last but not least is our personal most favorite of bringing some colors into the bathroom and that is by adding some plants to the space. Adding colors in the form of plants is an excellent option to consider which can go a long way. Whether you opt for real or synthetic and green or colorful plants, adding them, either way, will do the job quite perfectly. And the best thing is you can choose to add as many plants as you like just remember to make everything look balanced out.

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