Do It Yourself: Walls Art for Your Living Room

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Walls are what build a home. This concrete material of walls is what makes the infrastructure of your home. They are immense structures that are painted and decorated making our home look beautiful. However, decorating these walls is an expensive task, why spend dollars on this easy task? When we will give you certain advice which would help you decorate your home walls with some easy DIY.


Polka dots

Take cardboard of around 24 inches, now draw circles using compass. Open the compass to 15cm and do the needful on the cardboard.  Make sure that you are following symmetry. It is very important that you keep an equal distance from the corner. Place the stencil on the wall secure it with tape. Finally, start to paint. Make sure that you choose instant dry paint as you will need to remove the stencil again and again to cover the wall. You don’t wall weird nonsynchronized patterns on your wall. To get a similar pattern everywhere. Place the cardboard carefully, probably overlapping a few on the previously painted circle. This will make sure that you don’t go out of symmetry. The result will be a beautifully painted wall. The color combination can be any of your choices, a few ideas for it violate with white, grey with black. The style I like the most is the rainbow dots on the white wall.


Colored electric tape

Who could think that an electric tape could do more than linking wire? Paint the wall in white solid color. Now, form any geometrical shape possible on the wall using these. You can make small squares using tape. Draw the different figures overlapping each other paint them with different colors and finally remove the borders. Your wall will look amazing; the work is simple yet appears to be a masterpiece. No one would believe it is something done by a non-professional artist. There are other forms that could be performed using electric tape such as forming addition signs all over the wall. Ensure the gap and symmetry.


Paint the wall

Except for the base color design some figures with the paper paintbrushes. We know walls are huge and we aren’t saying you to paint the whole wall. Using a crayon draw a figure on the wall and paint it. Let your inner artist out. There is no need for drawing a perfect figure, draw abstracts, and paint them. The animal print designs on the cloth could inspire you, anything some cherries with the leave, a heart, a butterfly, or a star. Choose anything and draw them vertically from one end to another. This wall will remind you of what a great artist you are until you prefer to make the change.


Paper Cut Paste

Things you need, an origami sheet, scissors, and double-sided tape. You can check some origami sheet tutorials and fix the object which you can design easily. 3D hearts, butterflies are certain shapes that are too easy to make. You can arrange them in certain patterns on the wall. If you are placing butterflies then, you can arrange them as if they are flying towards the door. You can choose the wall solid color as the color of the sky or any other form. It isn’t important that you have to make all these figures in the same size. Different sizes look good when placed together.


Broom on wall

The classic broom which we don’t use these days, yucca is the broom you need to use. Paint the wall using the paint roller. Make sure the layer of paint is evenly spread. You need not worry if there are smooth paint layers on the wall. Don’t let the paint dry and run the broom across the wall on wet paint. You must choose some dark color paint for this pattern. The broom will remove excess paint from the wall. The wall will get the texture and you do not have to be a paint expert.

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