DIY ideas to Decorate your study space

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Talking about home decor, how can we let our study space lag behind? It is an equally imperative part of our house and our rooms where we carry out a lot of productive work. So, this area must be paid close attention in order to infuse motivation and positivity. Here are some of the best DIY ideas to add vibrancy to this space effortlessly. Have a look and revamp this space in no time!

A Personalised Clipboard

A study table is an imperative part of our room and thus, must be paid attention to like every other corner. If you are looking for something that will add vibrancy to this corner, then this will definitely help. Every study room area has a lot of study material, books, stationary glued to the station along with some handmade notes on the clipboard. But if you want to amp this study area, you should add some personalized things to your clipboard too. It can be anything fancy or cute like your photos and nostalgic souvenirs to the clipboard. You can even curate some DIY ideas and use dried flowers to decorate your clipboard. You can also customize the photos together and hang them on a string and then glue them to the clipboard. This is a super interesting way to show off your photos than in a picture frame. Anything creative is welcomed here and that is why you must go for this one.

Add wallpaper to your drawers

Drawers are also an important part of your study table and they must be paid due attention. Most of your material and study books remain in the drawer along with the stationary items. So, if you choose to revamp the look of your drawers, then this DIY idea would be an apt decision. There is nothing much you can do here so just pick a bright and fancy wallpaper and place it beneath your materials. This will change the entire look of the drawer. Adding a bit of wallpaper in a printed pattern paper or glaze paper looks super attractive and changes the way you look at the drawer. Any standard desk completely changes with this wallpaper and thus, this is a great idea for revamping your study table.

Place an Acrylic Tray

A creative tray is one of the easiest ways to add life to your study table because it can change the look of your table entirely. If you look at it, it is actually the easiest way to stack your things. All you have to do is pick a nice fancy wallpaper or glaze wallpaper to your tray and cover it entirely. Pick this tray from some old left out wooden piece and use it as a tray box. It is called an acrylic tray because the material is fine and solid. Decorate this tray with fancy things like buttons and stones to add a personal touch to this. This has a high level of functionality too as it lets you organize your essentials in one place. All your pencils, pens, books, calculator, etc. can be stacked in one place.

Mason Jar of Flowers

A dash of greenery is never an odd thing to do. No matter what corner you are talking about, this feature adds life to everything. There are so many things you can do by adding a dash of lush greenery or flowers to your area and amp the entire look. A study table should not be left out when you are talking about home decor. The perfect DIY idea for your study table would be to pick some fresh colorful flowers and place them in a mason jar. You can even color the mason jar or decorate it with raw materials. There’s nothing like some fresh flowers to brighten up your work or study space. Also, keeping them in a painted mason jar adds a homely touch to your space. This vibe is extremely positive.

Hang a motivational Quote

The last thing you can do to add life to your cubical or study space is to hang a motivational quote print on the front wall. This is also one of the best DIY ideas to add positivity and radiance to your study space. Every time you will look at it, you will feel positive and find something to look forward to. It can be anything! Pick any color, any quotation, any frame board and use all of them together to create the perfect frame. You can also give your poster a fresh look by adding personal messages to it from your family and friends. Whatever it is, just hang it there for motivation!

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