Different types of flooring you can use in your house

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Flooring is one of the most important parts of the interior of any room. The right kind of flooring will uplift the whole look of the room whereas the wrong kind might do more harm than just to the look of the room. Wrong flooring not only makes the room go fab to drab but can also cause discomfort and weirdness. For example, using carpet as flooring in bathroom or kitchen or using stone or marble in kids’ area. Therefore, it is important to know about the different types of flooring you can use for different rooms and know which one will be the best for you.

Let’s know about different floorings you can use in your house and make the place comfortable and cozy to live in. Get to know what floorings go best with which room and get yourself those floorings from the wide range available to you.

1: Wooden flooring

This is one of the common and famous floorings. You can get your floor made from different kinds of wood such as hardwood like walnut or oak, or bamboo, or some alternatives to hardwood such as engineered wood and laminate flooring. You can get the wooden flooring by installing wooden planks of three to ten inches altogether and completing the flooring of the particular room. The wooden flooring is chosen by seeing how much foot traffic would be present in the room and which wood will be able to withstand that much traffic without any wear and tear.

2: Tiled flooring

The most common and versatile flooring is used commonly in bathrooms and kitchens. Tiles are versatile flooring as they come in many shapes, textures, patterns, and colors and can be coordinated with all types of themes and styles. You can go for ancient and traditional tiles or can even style the room in some Moroccan or Persian style or can even go for a minimal look with plain modern tiles. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain. Look for some anti-slip tiles so as to avoid slipping. You can go for some ceramic tiles such as glazed ceramic, porcelain tiles, terracotta tiles, and many more.

3: Carpet flooring

Carpet means comfort. This is another versatile and famous flooring that is used in almost every house. it is because this comes in many colors and textures and provides warmth and comfort which any hard floor won’t be able to. Carpet is popularly used in the living room, bedroom or some common area where everyone relaxes and enjoy the time together. Measure the area you need to cover with the carpet and get a good quality carpet. You get a variety of materials to choose from such as wool, nylon, polyester, etc.

4: Marble or stone flooring

Marble or stone flooring gives the room a luxurious and elegant touch. Marble adds a new elegance to the look of the room and makes it look regal. There are so many different types of stone that can be used as flooring such as limestone, granite, slate, and others. Marble and other stones not only add a new element to the décor of the place but also are long-lasting and sturdy. All you need to do is some polishing/cleaning after a few years to maintain the appearance and grace of the stone.

5: Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is comfortable flooring that is both durable and does not require much maintenance. It provides a soft and cushioned surface. Get some good quality vinyl for your flooring as some cheap vinyl may make the room look bad and cheap. This can be seen as a one-time investment as good quality vinyl can be a bit expensive but not to forget that this is more durable and warmer and comfortable.

Now you know a lot about flooring and what type goes well with which room. You can get a lot of different options when you look out for flooring. There are traditional floorings, modern floorings, and others. You need to know about all the pros and cons of a particular type of flooring. Select the theme or style you are going after and then look for the flooring that goes with it. You can coordinate different textures and patterns in a room as well. Do your research and then finalize the flooring.

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