Design your bathroom by adding vibrant colors

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Most of us like to go for simple, light, and neutral shades for our bathroom space. They look best and helps in enhancing the liveability of the bathroom. Despite the inference stated above, you should experiment with the design and try to incorporate some colorful elements into your space. Add it in a way that it gives a light and an easy feel while not looking clumsy and tacky. We have listed below our five best picks to add colors to your bathroom space to add vibrancy and playfulness to it.

Paint the whole or opt for an Accent Wall

If we talk about the easiest and affordable way to add color to your space, then a nice paint would come on the top of the list. Add that punch of color by picking a fabulous shade. This will also be the deciding factor for the rest of the things over the place.

Now, if you are thinking that adding paint color to the whole room would be too loud, you can choose the other option if you want. Just pick a single wall that seems right to be your centerpiece of attraction and the focal point of your space. We would recommend you to pick the one that’s directly across the door.

Colorful Tiles and Floor Coverings

We witnessed earlier trends in which the entire bathroom was covered in a single color-saturated tile. But now changing times have changed the trends too. In modern bathrooms, you would find colorful tiles that help in creating different looks for your bathroom. Use them in innovative ways to create a spa-like rainforest shower or as an attractive backsplash behind your vanity.

Don’t forget the floor. To enhance its appearance and infuse a color pop into it, consider adding a lovely bath mat or an area rug into space. It would not only increase the aesthetic value but also prove functional for your bathroom. Pick a color that complements the rest of the color shade of the place.

Add Decor with some Vibrant Wall Art

You often neglect this part when it comes to the bathroom of your house. It is a common misconception that a bathroom doesn’t need decor items as it is smaller and compact than other places. But it is definitely not true. Have some decor items at the right places, and you can’t even imagine how it will help you in creating the bathroom of your dreams. Pick some colorful trendy baskets or candles to design your space effortlessly. Another thing that comes to the list is nice wall art. Just pick a style statement piece by making sure it is made from water-resistant material.

Experiment with the tub and vanity

Another great option is to add that pop of color is to add your tub in a color shade rather than keeping it in the classic white look. Also, choose a different material like copper or painted porcelain. Whatever you pick should help you to create a long-lasting happy look for your space. Next comes the turn of the vanity. You can go in two ways. Either add color to the top of it or at the base. Pick one by keeping the surface neutral to give it a balanced approach.

Insert some Greenery

Last but not least, you can use this idea anytime you want to. It is the best because you don’t need to make major changes to incorporate it. Have the classic bathroom design and bring in some colors from nature by adding plants to your bathroom. Choose anything you want. It can be real or synthetic. You can even go for the colorful plants instead of the green ones.

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