Design ideas to create an impressive foyer

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Whenever guests come over at your place, the entryway is the first part that gets exposed to their visual site. So it is one of those things that is going to create a lasting impression on their minds. You need to set the tone of this particular space very carefully. It should be something that reflects your personality in the best way possible. You can have a space that gives a feel of a museum or something like’ this is my house, you can kick off your shoes and relax. Don’t you worry creating foyer is certainly easier than you think! Here is everything you need to know to design an impressionable foyer.

Something “Weird”

Whenever anyone thinks to have a stylish foyer there are a lot of common things, but we need to look out for something that is unique and creates an everlasting impression on our guests. It is certainly important to have a ‘weird’ factor in your area. We definitely do not mean by this that you have to have clutter and bean bag chairs in the foyer. Just have a perfect blend of something that is formal and fun at the same time. For example, having a statement light fixture can be one of those nice ideas to consider. Other weird things that you can include on your tabletop are a giant sea sponge, a humungous crystal and a giant hornet’s nest.


Again one of those great ideas to create a unique style statement and also to create a personalized look. Just pick a wallpaper design that reflects your personality for creating that first impression on the minds of your guests. Create an instant wall design that grabs the attention of anyone that sees it. We would not ask you to make a long-term investment when it comes to this part. Just go for a peel and stick version that can be easily swapped out in the future without leaving any sticky residue.

A Rug or Runner

It is not something that you are not aware of. You certainly might find a rug whenever you make an entry to anyone’s house. But yes, there is one thing unique about it. Its design. Just pick a design that suits the decor of your space and the one that depicts your personality. Make a statement with an elegant floor covering. And as your foyer is a high traffic area, make sure it can be easily cleaned and is resilient at the same time. Try not to pick extremely dark colors or bright whites, they both will show dirt and stains more easily.

A Great Plant

This idea is something not everyone adores because it needs maintenance. But in case you want to give your space a lively and an airy feel then pick a plant that would suit it. This is also a great idea because you can never go wrong with this one. It is no brainer to add live greenery to space. Add a Fiddle Fig Leaf or any other plant that gives your eyes a soothing look.

A Beautiful bench and A Marvelous mirror

In case you don’t have any space constraints you can have decorative seating for your foyer by adding a gorgeous bench to it. It will serve you in different ways. Not only it will increase the aesthetic value of your space but it also can act as a storage space to put in all your stuff. And in case it has space underneath, you can use it put your shoes there.

A mirror is something that can go with any look, whether it is a contemporary, farmhouse, modern or mid-century. Just pick a foyer mirror that will fit your space and suit your style. It will make a huge impact on your guests when they walk through your entry door.

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