Decoration Tips To Make A Room Look Bigger

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Decorating a small room can be quite a daunting task for us people. Wrong choice of a furniture and paint color or anything else involved in the making of a room can make it look smaller in whole. By making the right choice of things you can actually make it look bigger. Here are a few things which you need to keep in mind while decorating a small space.



The size of a room is greatly influenced by its color scheme. Using the right color scheme can make a room look bigger without much hassle. From walls and floors to furniture and drapes, everything should be light toned so that the room could feel more airy and breathable.
For walls, use lighter shade of paint color as they form the major part of a room. Another trick is to paint the trim in different tone of the same color painted on the walls.
Use curtains which are of the same color as that of the wall so that it could blend in with the wall making the room look bigger.
Use sheer drapes or curtains to give an illusion of spacing.
Use light colored flooring to give the room more depth.



Furnishing a small room is not quite an easy task. A wrong choice and placement of furniture can make a room look very crowded and small at the same time. While purchasing and placing a piece of furniture, keep these things in mind.

Buy a sofa which doesn’t overcrowd the whole space. You can definitely go for a big sofa instead of buying a mini version.
Buy furniture with their legs exposed, as they create an illusion of more spacing in the room.
While placing a furniture around the wall, keep a gap of few inches between them as it can make a room feel more open. You can also put that empty space to use by placing a plant or even a tiny console table.
Invest in furniture pieces which have storage space inside of it. A variety of options are available in the market which comes with storage space like the coffee table, ottoman etc.


A room accessorized the right way can make it look bigger and open at the same time.

Place or hang some mirrors on the walls. Mirror always helps in creating an illusion of space and it also makes the room look brighter. They are placed best across the windows.
Using a striped rug is always a wise choice as it adds more depth and volume to the room, making it look elongated.
Instead of using tiny frames, hang a bold and dramatic wall art as it helps in making a room look broad.
You can add some shelves on the top of the wall near the ceiling, to give it more dimensions.
Curtain surely adds some character to the room, but when we are dealing with a small space we can choose to avoid them. Keeping windows uncovered not only makes a room look brighter but also makes it look more open. But, if you want that little privacy you can opt for blinds or shades.


Instead of using multiple furniture, you can just place a big sofa in a corner. This way it won’t feel too overwhelming and will make room feel more airy and spacious.
Filling every empty corner in the room can make it look cramped and congested. So leaving some space empty wouldn’t hurt.

Apart from all these tips, the key to achieving that bigger room is to keep it simple and decluttered (all the time).

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