Decoration Ideas That Can Enlighten Any Space

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Having a room that looks all brightened up makes for a great space in the house. Sunlight surely does this job well, but there are many other ways to achieve the same. Painting the walls light can also bring some changes to it, but do you know adding a few decoration pieces can completely change the whole vibe of the room and make it appear more enlightened and spacious. Adding a splash of beautiful, lively colors to the space makes it look more interesting and definitely helps in adding more character to it.

To give you some idea about it, we have rounded up a list of 7 decoration ideas which when added to the space can instantly make it look brighter.


The best and easiest way to enlighten your space is to use bright mirrors. It will not only help to reflect the light into the room but will also create an illusion of more space. Getting two uses out of it is a big plus and we just can not stop admiring them for being such a saving grace.
You can opt for any shape or size of mirror with sleek frames, but it’s advisable to opt for one that is of medium-sized and fits nicely in the room.


Going all white or neutral with your wall color and furnishing items surely looks elegant but it doesn’t necessarily brighten up the space. Use a splash of vibrant colors to the room to enlighten the space and make it appear more lively. You can start with replacing your curtains and cushions with hues of vibrant colors like pink yellow blue etc. Play around with different colors, textures, and materials as it’s totally fine to use your inner curiosity in the form of some creativity.


Lanterns make for a beautiful décor piece to be kept in a room. They add more character, drama and season effect to any space. Either hang it on the wall or put them on a side table or coffee table sitting, they always look amazing.


An added element of accessory always add character and brighten up the space. You can opt for some offbeat décor pieces like coffee mugs, fun posters, flower vases, teapots, etc. which are either of vibrant color or have quirky and funny messages written on it. Adding them can really make a huge difference to the room and can instantly grab all the attention.


The easiest way to make any space brighten up is to place some colorful flowers in it. With many different varieties, colors available, you can opt for any flowers you want. They not only make a room appear more cheery but also breathes of fresh air. just make sure you are well aware of its kind and take proper care of it. And if you aren’t really a plant person, opt for fake plants.


They are having a major moment in both the fashion world and interior designing. And we aren’t complaining. Incorporating them to the space in the form of furnishing or décor items can add more colors, texture, and character to the room. You just have to have them in your space to make the room stand out.

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